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LaibachReithalle Strasse E, Dresden, Germany
4th November 2022
Laibach - “The Coming Race Tour”

As always it is a once in a lifetime experience when you visit a LAIBACH concert. Well, it is not really a concert it is more a live art performance; a light and sound installation. After so many years I visited many LAIBACH performances and it was always a different experience. This is what drives me forward to continue with my concert photography. As long as there is a chance to photograph. As long as there’s a chance to photograph a LAIBACH performance I won’t lay my camera aside.

This is a moment where you can realise what art can do with you. This is fascinating. I really have no clue how many concerts I visited in my life but I can say that LAIBACH on stage is always a highlight. In our picture gallery you can find a few impressions from this great event in Dresden at the Reithalle Strasse E.

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All pictures by Silvio Pfeifer

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