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ffdp DSC 1978Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
6th February 2020
Five Finger Death Punch - European Tour 2020 - Special Guests: Megadeth, Bad Wolves

How can I describe the last night at the Festhalle Frankfurt? “Bad-Mega-Death-Punch” fits quite well! It was an outstanding show of three great bands. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are one of the most successful Metal bands of the last decade and probably they play a bigger role in the future. At the beginning of 2020 they will launch their biggest European tour ever and they are not alone on stage! In Germany they will get some support of the trash pioneers MEGADETH and the new rock sensation BAD WOLVES.

Bad Wolves

BAD WOLVES took the lead and entered the stage. The band was founded in 2017 and is managed by Zoltan Bathory of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. BAD WOLVES consist of Tommy Vext (vocals), John Boecklin (drums), Chris Chain (rhythm guitar), Doc Coyle (lead guitar) and Kyle Konkiel (bass). It was not easy but they did a quite good job and managed to prepare the audience for the next legendary band. /

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01. No Messiah
02. Learn to Live
03. Remember When
04. No Masters
05. Killing Me Slowly
06. Sober
07. I’ll Be There
08. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)


Now MEGADETH took off and to me they are still one of the best Trash Metal bands. It was awesome to see them after their reunion in 2004 and David Scott “Dave” Mustaine (vocals & lead guitar) looked pretty good that night. David Ellefson (bass), Kiko Loureiro (guitar) and Dirk Verbeuren (drums) did their best to make that show to something special. /

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01. Song played from tape
02. Prince of Darkness
03. Hangar 18
04. The Threat Is Real
05. Wake Up Dead
06. Trust
07. The Conjuring
08. Sweating Bullets
09. Dystopia
10. Symphony of Destruction
11. Peace Sells
12. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
13. Silent Scorn

Five Finger Death Punch

Last but not least FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH appeared and they know how to give their fans an awesome show. Chris Kael (bass) and Zoltan Bathors (guitar) seemed to like to like my camera just have a closer look at the pictures of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Ivan “Ghost” Moody (vocals), Jason Hook (guitar) and Charlie “The Engine” Engen (drums) where in a good mood and it was just great to see them on stage. What a Metal night with a fantastic headliner show of 5FDP in Frankfurt. I can’t wait to see them again if they visit a city nearby you should visit them. /

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01. Lift Me Up
02. Trouble
03. Wash It All Away
04. Segue
05. Jekyll and Hyde
06. Sham Pain
07. Bad Company (Bad Company cover)
08. Burn It Down
09. Got Your Six
10. The Agony of Regret
11. The Tragic Truth
12. Wrong Side of Heaven
13. Battle Born
14. Blue on Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd cover)
15. Coming Down
16. Never Enough
17. Burn MF
18. Inside Out
19. Under and Over It
20. The Bleeding
21. The House of the Rising Sun
22. Full Circle

All pictures by Mathias Utz (

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