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tarja12Vegas City Hall, Moscow, Russia
22nd December 2016
Tarja Turunen

It was Tarja! Always amazing, full of grace and always so elegant. I love Tarja and when I look at her singing, even only simple Finnish and all over the world popular Christmas songs are absolutely brilliant and her charming voice makes me shiver. It was a good show, but I just wanted to hear more than one old songs by Tarja. She has a Metal heart and I miss her energy, taking you over. Hope to see her soon again in Russia! And now enjoy the pictures.
 D3S8133 kleinMatrix, Bochum, Germany
14th December 2016
Mia. & Maxine Kazis

MIA. combine catchy Pop appeal with Punk attitude and influences from three decades of (German) underground music. The Berlin based band around front woman Mieze is often described as “electro punk” though this description is a little misleading when it comes to MIA.s music. Their sound is not exactly punk, and though electronics play a certain role in their music most of it is rather guitar-driven. Now, MIA. went on their “Jede Sekunde” tour and we checked out their show in Bochum where the band was welcomed by excited fans. Enjoy our pictures from the evening.

mesh10Teatr club, Moscow, Russia
10th December 2016
XIV Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival with Mental Discipline, Vanguard, Janosch Moldau, Decoded Feedback, Diorama, Mesh and more

The SYNTHETIC SNOW festival is an event that has become a tradition. It has been more than just a concert with the participation of major international headliners and new promising artists of dark scene. First of all, it's a real treat for all fans of synth-pop, electronic, industrial music and related genres from Russia and abroad - always with trepidation awaited meeting friends, which once united the music. As always it is a sea of positive and animated electronic sound of synthesis and real emotions! Only one evening and only one night of the year when Moscow was covered again by SYNTHETIC SNOW!

YD5P0609Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau, Germany
10th December 2016
Six Feet Under & Support: From the Shores, Downcast Collision, Death Bed Confession, Acid Death, Deathrite - “Celebrating 21 years of ‘Haunted’ - SFU are playing their debut album in its entirety!”

It was not the first time that SIX FEET UNDER visited the Alte Spinnerei Glauchau at X-mas time. And as always they did not come alone. The “XMAS in Hell Event” is not a simple concert event, it is more like a little festival.

 D3S7986 kleinTurbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
9th December 2016
JBO & Neurotox

J.B.O., originally "James Blast Orchester" was meant as a parody of a German Easy-Listening act named "James Last Orchester", was founded in 1989 by Vito C. and Hannes "G.Laber" Holzmann and having their first concert in October of the same year. From the beginning, the band was meant to be a comedy rock act. First planned only as side project, after their song ‘Ein guter Tag zum Sterben" (a perfect day to die)’ was played in radio and more people asked for a release, the band recorded the first EP, ‘Eine gute CD zum Kaufen’ (a perfect CD to buy), selling pretty fast. 1995 saw the release of the first album, ‘Explizite Lyrik’, being a word by word translation of the “parental advisory”. The album was selling great and in summer 1996, J.B.O. entered German charts.

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