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IMG 1278Teatr, Moscow, Russia
23rd February 2017
Lord of the Lost

In 2017, the “Raining Stars” tour was beginning in Russia! Moscow and St. Petersburg were the first to hear and see songs from the new LORD OF THE LOST album ‘Empyrean’ live. The first of both Russian shows took place in Moscow where the band delivered an exciting show. Please enjoy our pictures.

mutabor42Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
24th February 2017
Mutabor - “25 Years Euphoria”

‘Euphoria’ is the name of the new album. Is the band able to carry euphoria after 25 years at their live concerts? YES! More than ever, the musicians succeed on stage. I have rarely experienced a concert evening at which one thinks one is in a greenhouse. Already from the first minute the audience is carried away and there is very rare stillness. In the end, enthusiastic concertgoers stay with sweat shirts.

devintownsendproject30Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, Croatia
12th February 2017
Devin Townsend Project, Between the Buried and Me, Leprous

The words “This was out-of-body experience” are ringing between fans while waiting Devin to come closer and shake hands with every single one. For the second time in Zagreb, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT delivered maximum and much more with Devin's humour and theatrical performance. The fully packed venue, fans with lighters in raised hands and an acoustic guitar solo encore was the way to say thank you both ways. The concert was part of the “Transcending The Coma Tour 2017” promotion of the new album ‘Transcendence’.

bzfos15Club Seilerstraße, Zwickau, Germany
4th February 2017
Boneshaker 2 with Jack Ice, Thee Flanders, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space

Already there was a Boneshaker event in the club Seilerstraße in Zwickau that had devoted itself to horror punk. Since this past edition worked so well for its first edition and due to the positive feedback of the audience, it was only a matter of time that there would be a continuation of it. Also this time, the club Seilerstraße and DJ Raschy together put together a great line-up for the evening.

darktranquillity26Yota Space, Moscow, Russia
29th January 2017
Dark Tranquillity

On 29th of January, a concert of legendary Swedish Melodic Death Metal band DARK TRANQUILLITY took place at Moscow’s club Yota Space where the band introduced their new album ‘Atoma’. The severe Swedes occupying the stage of Yota Space took care for an amazing and crazy party. We are happy to present to you our vivid photo report of the show.

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