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shining28Volta, Moscow, Russia
19th November 2016

HINING can be called one of the leaders and lawmakers of depressive black metal. From their first records, their music showed the most specific and dark offshoot of the style - long stringy composition, at times bordering on doom metal and dark ambient, looped, slowly developing melodies and extremely expressive vocals. Each new album showed more and more non-standard approach, the music shifted to more and more avant-garde forms, but one thing has always remained the same. Their music can be called a kind of concentrate the sound of darkness, and band’s lyrics invariably appeals to the darkest side of the human soul. The dark, bloody, scaring and provocative black metal band from Sweden played a fantastic show in Moscow! Chaos and madness was happening at Volta’s stage on 19th of November…

snakebite19Jam Club, Koblenz, Germany & Café de Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
18th & 19th November 2016

The snakes were on the loose! After doing an amazing job as support for THUNDERMOTHER on November 16th in Frankfurt with the audience being 100% positive about them and an unplanned off day afterwards caused by spontaneous cancelling of the gig in Darmstadt with NIGHT LASER, the four boys of SNAKEBITE went full throttle for the remaining two shows of the first part of their winter tour. On November 18th and 19th in Koblenz and Geleen they demonstrated clearly that true Rock’n’Roll isn’t dead - two great concerts whose atmosphere didn’t suffer from the rather small number of guests at all, but left the audience sweating and wanting more. As usual, as I can say from personal experience, vibes 10/10!

 D3S5392 kleinKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
18th November 2016
Sono & All The Ashes

With some bands it is like revisiting an old friend; someone that you haven't seen in quite a while and once you're back together, it is like you've never been apart. A feeling that is quite similar to that which you get listening to a new SONO album. The sound might be somewhat different to what was there before but instantly recognizable, 'Backyard Opera' is the new little guy in the SONO discography. The album was released on 1st April 2016 and was followed by a few concert together with NORTHERN LITE. Now in Autumn, SONO was back on German staged and visited Oberhausen in mid-November. Support of the evening was ALL THE ASHES. Please enjoy out concert pictures.

kvelertak34Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
17th November 2016
Kvelertak & Skeletonwitch

This week, KVELERTAK started their “Nattesferd Tour” and the second location was the Beatpol in Dresden. SKELETONWITCH was a great opener for this concert evening. If you haven’t already listened to SKELETONWITCH then you should do that asap. KVELERTAK on stage was a blast. The mosh pit started right from the beginning and it really was a hot concert. Check out KVELERTAK’s tour dates at

iamx12Izvestia Hall, Moscow, Russia
17th November 2016

This show was the most long-expected concert of the whole autumn for me! Full of emotions and sexuality, full of passion and deep feelings, such attractive dark androgynies of IAMX who came to Moscow with a new album and also old loved hits! “Everything is Burning tour” 2016! It was unforgettable, brilliant and so hot! Pure endorphins! I’m looking forward to see them again!

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