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apocalyptica epica tour2023Den Atelier, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
6th February 2023
Apocalyptica & Epica - “The Epic Apocalypse Tour” - Support: Wheel

APOCALYPTICA & EPICA’s show, initially scheduled at den Atelier on December 12th 2020 (and then on April 24th 2021 and on January 22nd 2022), finally takes place on the 6th of February 2023. APOCALYPTICA are true explorers, always seeking new frontiers and uncharted territories in which to express themselves. With ‘Cell-0’, their 9th studio album, the ambitious and electric quartet have not simply returned to their non-vocal roots, they have travelled deeper and further into the universe of instrumental music than ever before. That first love and passion which fuelled APOCALYPTICA to form during 1993 in Helsinki now carries richer layers of knowledge and experience, which in turn have led to the band to a fundamental realization and creative path.

EPICA is a Dutch Symphonic Metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from AFTER FOREVER. EPICA’s music combines Symphonic Metal with Gothic Metal and Power Metal. The early albums also feature oriental arrangements in the melodies. EPICA’s music is often described as aggressive, bombastic and excessive, often epic and majestic, sometimes subdued and introspective. The band is also known for its progressive tendencies. On their albums, a small choir is used alongside a small orchestra to realistically complement the samples. The soprano of singer Simone Simons is sometimes supported by male, guttural vocals. In their lyrics, the band often deals with topics critical of religion, for example religious fanaticism, and the search for truth.

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Doors: 18:30
Start: 19:10
Tickets: SOLD OUT
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