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ninosable sedateseduce
Artist: Nino Sable
Title: Sedate/Seduce
Genre: Gothic
Release Date: 28th March 2022
Label: Equinoxe Records

Review Flash

AEON SABLE frontman Nino Sable releases a solo album - the accurately titled ‘Sedate/Seduce’ - that showcases the full range of dark tendencies that clearly preoccupy him. Soporific electronica scatter clouds in slow motion over opener ‘Driven By The Night’, with ‘Chaos’ hurtling along like a stampede of something wishing to remain just out of sight, with a creeping, crawling fragility all over the melancholic ‘Hydra’. And the experimental head-rush of ‘Taraxon’, will whisk you over the monochrome rainbow to somewhere altogether uncomfortable and unnerving.

Conclusion: Vast, varied, genre-hopping dark explorations by an artist well-versed in all things fringe.

Rating: 8 / 10

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