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Title: Quicksilver
Artist: The Crüxshadows
Genre: Dark Wave
Release Date: 8th September 2009
Label: Wishfire Records LLC

Single Review

Here it comes, the newest single release of THE CRÜXSHADOWS called ‘Quicksilver’, which also is the first release of their new own label Wishfire Records. ‘Quicksilver’ is a typical CRÜXSHADOWS song: powerful synth sounds dominated by beautiful violin sounds and perfected by the distinctive voice of Rogue. The danceable rousing sound infects the listener just at the first time and burns into your mind. The release includes five tracks: ‘Quicksilver’ in three different versions and two further songs called ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Roland’. ‘Avalanche’ is very danceable too; ‘Roland’ is more a calmer ballad. Altogether this is a nice single which shortens the waiting time for the next album, an appetizer for new fans and a "must have" for all the old fans all over the world. You can buy ‘Quicksilver’ at the merchandise stand after a concert or at the usual web stores like Amazon.


01. Quicksilver
02. Quicksilber (Radio edit)
03. Avalanche
04. Quicksilver (Dancefloor Transformation)
05. Roland

Line Up

Rogue - Vocals, Violin, Keyboard Programming, Drum Programming, Bass Programming, and Sequences
Pyromantic - Keyboards and Synths, Backing Vocalist
Cassandra Luger - Guitars
David Wood - Violins
JoHanna Moresco - Violins
Jessica Lackey - Lead Dancer, Backing Vocalist

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10


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