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Lagerhalle, Osnabrück, Germany
24th November
The Crüxshadows, Ayria

On Wednesday the 24th, I went to Osnabrück to enjoy one of my favourite bands, THE CRÜXSHADOWS, at their current tour. The concert took place in the venue "Lagerhalle", a pretty location in the heart of Osnabrück and when I arrived at the location, already some fans were present and looking at the merchandise table. Some minutes past 8 the evening was started by AYRIA.


AYRIA, pronounced area, is a Canadian Future- / Synth Pop musical project formed in early 2003 by Toronto's Jennifer Parkin. The first AYRIA album ‘Debris’ was released in 2003, followed by ‘Flicker’ in 2005 and ‘Hearts for Bullets’ in 2008. AYRIA is Jennifer Parkin (vocals, lyrics, music & programming), the live line up for 2009 touring is completed by Mike Wimer (live electronic drums) and Jeff M. (live keyboards), and this time only a keyboard player supported Jennifer on stage. /

Music & Performance
AYRIA pleased the only half-filled crowd with her easy listening, danceable sounds combined with the pleasing voice. She was dancing and moving the whole time and animated the crowd to dancing too. The set ran about 45 minutes and the time went over quickly.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.2 / 10

The Crüxshadows

After a short change over, the stage was ready for THE CRÜXSHADOWDS, an independent music band from Florida/USA. Their sound is made up of a combination of moody male vocals, electric violin, guitar, and synth. Centred around vocalist and songwriter Rogue, THE CRÜXSHADOWDS blend 1980s inspired synth-pop and modern rock with poetic and introspective lyrics. The band has enjoyed global popularity, releasing CDs worldwide and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For most of the band's career, they have been signed with Dancing Ferret Discs, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2009 the band formed partnerships with several labels and distributors that allowed them to create their own imprint, Wishfire Records.

Lyrically much of THE CRÜXSHADOWDS' music draws its influence and subject matter from mythology, religion, history, and dreams. Often referred to with the acronym CXS, their motto is “Live Love Be Believe”. Over the years the line up around Rogue had changed repeated, now the band consists of: Rogue (lead vocals, violin, programming), Cassandra Luger (guitar), Jen "Pyromantic" Jawidzik (live synths, backing vocals), Jessica Lackey (lead dancer, vocals), JoHanna Moresco (violin), David Russell Wood (violin), Stephanie Griffith (dancer, backing vocals). / /

Music & Performance
Like expected, charismatic front man Rogue entered the stage from the crowd during the intro and the show was started with the current single ‘Quicksilver’ followed by ‘Immortal’ which was released before. Right from the start, the temper was great and THE CRÜXSHADOWDS impressed the crowd with their fantastic show, rousing sounds, soulful vocals and a great dance performance; pleasing for the ears as well as pleasing for the eyes. All musicians on stage were singing, dancing and jumping during the whole show and had a lot of fun with their performance.

Like usual, Rogue entered the crowd again and again to walk thru the crowd and dance together with the fans, but not only Rogue left the stage, his wife Jessica - the beautiful lead dancer - left the stage too during the song ‘Memorare’, walked thru the crowd and did a romantic dance with Rogue. The set list all in all consisted of 16 mostly well known songs and quickly the time went over. After about 80 minutes, the main set finished with ‘Happy Birthday’ and the band left the stage, but an encore was given with three more songs before the show finally was finished with ‘Marilyn, my bitterness’. During the last song, the band members picked up some fans from the first rows to enter the stage and performed the last song together with them. After the show, the band members stayed on stage to speak with the fans, signed some stuff and posed for photos. Altogether once again a great concert experience with a congenial band.

01. Intro (...and I believe)
02. Quicksilver
03. Immortal
04. Tears
05. Solus
06. Ariadne
07. Sophia
08. Foreverlast
09. Memorare
10. Dragonfly
11. Avalanche
12. Winterborn
13. Happy Birthday
14. Monsters
15. Deception
16. Marilyn, my Bitterness

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9.4 / 10

Copyright Pictures: Dirk Ruchay

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