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Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
9th August 2007
The Crüxshadows, Behind the Scenes

On Thursday, 9th August 2007, we took the chance to visit one of my favourite bands once again. THE CRÜXSHADOWS did a stop in Krefeld before they played on three several festivals at the upcoming weekend (Rock am Schloß - which was cancelled the day before as we knew now, Summer Darkness and M’era Luna Festival). The evening started with the support band BEHIND THE SCENES, it was the last support gig for them because the tour will finish after the upcoming festival-gigs. Also, the show in Krefeld was the last club show together with Rachel, who’s leaving the band after the tour.

Behind the Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES was founded in 1993 by Melrow (vocals, programming) and Fred B. (bass, programming). In 1998, they recorded their first album, called ‘Fragment’ which entered directly the German alternative charts (DAC) and stayed there for several weeks. Their second album, ‘Homeless’, was released in 2000 by the Bloodline label and afterwards in the USA through Dancing Ferret Disks. Unfortunately their label Bloodline crashed down in 2002. Besides that, their guitarist Sven left the band of sanitary reasons. So, BEHIND THE SCENES had to look for an adequate substitute which took a long time. But then finally in 2005 they were successful and found Scholli (Ex-SECRET DISCOVERY, SYLAND, ASSASSIN) as the new member. So they started writing new songs and went into the studio in September 2005 to record their long awaited new album ‘Pure’. BEHIND THE SCENES are Mel Rode (Vocals, Programming), Fred B. (Bass, Programming) and Scholli (Guitars) extended on stage to a quartet by one more keyboard player. /

The set included nine songs, starting with songs taken from the current album ‘Pure’ and followed by some older songs. The show finished with ‘Razor Fields’ and ‘Dreams’ - taken from the first album ‘Fragment’ which will re-released in autumn this year. Unfortunately the sound was very bad, too loud with too much bass.

The band performed the songs with heart and soul and dedicatedly, but the spirit didn't went over to the crowd. The crowd in the half filled venue listened to the songs well-disposed but only a few people were dancing or singing along. After about 40 minutes BEHIND THE SCENES finished and had given way the stage for change over.

01. For the Loss
02. SOS
03. Reason
04. Plastic Love
05. Free
06. Reach Me
07. Human
08. Razor Fields
09. Dreams

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 5
Light: 7
Total: 7

The Crüxshadows

THE CRÜXSHADOWS started in the early 1990's in a little town in North Florida. Over the years, their success among the Gothic, EBM, New Wave, & Dark Electronic genres has earned them a nearly legendary underground status and they were developed to a synonym for a new kind of Electro Wave. The charismatic singer, the impressive live performance and the beautiful female dancers made the awareness higher and higher every year and with every tour. The current album is called ‘Dreamcypher’ and was released in January this year. ‘Sophia’ - the first single out off ‘Dreamcypher’ - counted high at the billboard charts and was the biggest success in the band history so far.

To my sorrow my favourite band member Rachel McDonnel - the bewitching violin player - will leave the band after this tour. The show at M’era Luna Festival - 3 days after Krefeld - was her last show in Germany. I can understand her motivations but I will miss her on stage. Current band members are: Rogue (vocals, song writing, programming, lyrics, keyboards, some violin, front man), Rachel McDonnell (violin and some keyboards), George Bikos (guitar) & Pyromantic (AKA Jen Jawidzik - keyboard). Current dancers are Jessica Lackey (singer/dancer) & Sarah Poulos (singer/dancer). /

The setlist was the typical set of the "Dreamcypher Tour" - a good mixture of current songs taken from the album ‘Dreamcypher’ and older well-known hits, supplemented with a nice surprise at the end. It started powerful with ‘Sophia’ and ‘Foreverlast’ followed by ‘Deception’ - my favourite song. After ‘Windbringer’, Rogue did his usual little speech to the audience with promotion for the current releases and some jokes but after it a surprise followed. Rogue exclaimed a girl and picked her up to the stage for a "quiz"; he announced a quiz but apparent he had forgotten the question. The girl and the whole crowd were very confused about the strange behaviour but meanwhile a boy with a red rose in his hand entered the stage from back. With genuflection he presented the rose and did an offer of marriage to the girl who pounced very happy.

After this romantic interlude the show went on with ‘Winterborn’ and after ‘Birthday’ the upcoming single and the wonderful ‘Eye of the Storm’ finished the main set. The main set finished, the band left the stage but the crowd could not get enough and requested encores which were give thrice. The third and last encore included the a-capella performed ‘White Rabbit’ a nice surprise for the fans and after ‘Eurydice’ we left the location happy and satisfied. The sound was much better than at the support and so we could to enjoy the show to the full.

The show was stunning once again, an overwhelming experience of a perfect interplay of music, dance performance and personal charisma of the several musicians, it's difficult to describe - you must try it. Every musician on stage in itself is a great artist, together they are the hottest, sexy and wowing Dark Wave band in the current scene - better known as THE CRÜXSHADOWS. The performance consisted of a lot of well-known and some new elements and as usual Rogue was running, dancing and jumping the whole time not only on stage but also with and through the crowd. In the middle of the stage were some steps to leave and enter the stage easier.

The both charming beautiful dancers were dressed in a new outfit and ran their usual creative, acrobatic and luscious dance performance. Rachel in the centre charmed the audience with her ravishing violin play and got standing ovations for her play; at the band-introducing the crowd didn't stop the applause for her for a long time. The both musicians in the background, Jen behind her keyboard and George with his guitar, did a great job too. Band and audience together celebrated a big party - the whole crowd was infected at the very first and was singing and dancing along the whole time. Again during the song ‘Marilyn my Bitterness’ the fans were allowed to enter the stage, really an impressive experience and an unforgettable memory.

01. Intro
02. Sophia
03. Foreverlast
04. Deception
05. Solus
06. Ariadne
07. Memorare
08. Wake the White Queen
09. Windbringer
10. Speaking and offer of marriage
11. Winterborn
12. Birthday
13. Eye of the Storm
14. The Edge of the World
15. Marilyn My Bitterness
16. Dragon Fly
17. Go Away
18. White Rabbit
19. Eurydice

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 10
Total: 10

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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