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grandmagus swordsongs
Artist: Grand Magus
Title: Sword Songs
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 13th May 2016
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

Here we go again with another review of a band I really dearly love and appreciate: GRAND MAGUS. The last time I had the joy to write about these guys was in 2014 and I really gave all of my time and energy for I did a review on the glorious record ‘Triumph and Power’, an interview and - because I had the opportunity - a live review. GRAND MAGUS has been around for about twenty years now - assembled by Janne Christofersson under the name SMAK in 1996 - and “Sword Songs” is the 8th output under the GRAND MAGUS name. The sound is best described to newbies as a mixture of old school MANOWAR and the sound of bands like RAINBOW, of which vocalist JB is a great fan. The vocals are typical heavy metal in a rough style which often reminds of DIO, JB is not the kind of singer who almost always sings the high notes like Eric Adams or before mentioned Ronnie James Dio but every fan knows he can hit them bloody well if the song demands it.

The new record ‘Sword Songs’ is a bit different to the last output, ‘Triumph and Power’. It is less catchy but equally epic in songwriting, melodies and pace. Where ‘Triumph and Power’ had hymns like ‘The Naked and the Dead’, ‘Dominator’, ‘On Hooves of Gold’, ‘Fight’ or ‘Triumph and Power’, the new output a t first lacks the earworm factor but soon the songs won’t leave your head (the record is a typical “grower” like many great IRON MAIDEN releases). The highlights on this fine musical accomplishment are ‘Varangian’, ‘Forged In Iron - Crowned In Steel’, ‘Master Of The Land’, ‘Last One To Fall’, ‘Every Day There’s A Battle To Fight”. After ten listening sessions these songs are the strongest, but hey ask me again in a few weeks and maybe I will highlight even more. To bring this review to a close I just recommend for every fan of GRAND MAGUS and for every fan of true heavy metal like it was created in the olden days: BUY THIS RECORD!


01. Freja's Choice
02. Varangian
03. Forged in Iron - Crowned in Steel
04. Born For Battle (Black Dog of Brocéliande)
05. Master Of The Land
06. Last One To Fall
07. Frost And Fire
08. Hugr (Instrumental)
09. Every Day There's A Battle To Fight


Janne “JB“ Christoffersson - vocals, guitars
Mats “Fox“ Skinner - bass
Ludwig - drums

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grandmagus swordsongs


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10


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