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Artist: Faun
Album: Totem
Genre: Paganfolk
Release date: March 2007
Record company:  Curzweyhl


Faun is one of the most loved paganfolk bands here in the Netherlands (together with Omnia of course). This is not without reason for they have proven with each album that they are always reinventing themselves. The albums all sound like Faun but at the same time they sound very different. Totem is a more peaceful album; it has some very quiet songs which make you start to daydream. But there is also ‘2 Falken’ which makes you dance. Faun will never be boring and for those of you who want to see for yourself: they will perform in Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht on the 12th of October. Besides the music there is another great quality to this album, its looks. The booklet is fantastic. With markings that appear when you move the booklet in light. In-between lyrics and beautiful pictures of the band members there are see through papers (like in a photo album) with ancient texts on them. Another great thing, the lyrics are all translated in English as well, which makes it understandable for all. My compliments. Be sure to read the text at the beginning of the booklet.


O.S. Tyr – Vocals, Irish Bouzouki, Nyckelharpa, Celtic harp, Acoustic and electric guitars, Epinette des vosges, Didgeridoo
Lisa Dawelke – Vocals, Hurdy-gurdy
Fiona Rüggeberg – Vocals, Recorders, Whistles, Bagpipe, Fujara, Seliefloit
Rüdiger Maul – Tar, Riq, Davul, Darabukka, Panriquello, Dombak,and many other percussion instruments
Niel Mitra – Sequenser, Sampler, Synthesiser and all other electrical instruments


Song review

01. Rad – 3.57

A song about loosing the fight to win the war. The lyrics are easy to hear in this song. The flutes of Fiona are very calming. The vocals are almost like a chant. These two sounds together make it an enchanting song.

02. 2 Falken – 4.59
One of the more up-tempo songs of the album. Niels beats are leading in this song, together with the vocals of Lisa and Fiona. The song is almost a bit bombastic, for Faun that is. The refrain is a release of tension and sound, which is great to experience time after time.

03. Sieben – 4.11
Seven (sieben) becomes a magical number in this song. The hypnotising repeating of this number makes you wonder what is so special about it. Listen to the lyrics and you might find out. Like the repeating of the lyrics (with changes in it) the music repeats itself continually. This has a double hypnotising effect.

04.  November – 4.49
A sad song. It has the sound of a rainy autumn afternoon. They lyrics match this atmosphere but still there is a slight positive sound to it as well. The delicate snare sound fits perfectly with the delicate singing of Oliver.

05. Tinta – 4.52
This song starts with enchanting female vocals. Then more and more instruments set in and now Lisa and Fiona are singing together. Their voices are a great combination. This songcould be played at some medieval court. The lyrics habe been written by José Melchor Homis who lived from 1776 to 1845. The lyrics sound Spanish. The title means ink and it is a love song.

06. Unicorne – 4.21
Again a song with ancient lyrics, this time of Thibaut de Champagne (1205-1253) and the song is indeed in French. It is an easy, flowing song with the flute and a harp like instrument as its guides.

07. KaRuna – 3.21
KaRuna is an instrumental song. Very danceable and very up-beat. It lifts the heaviness of the former songs. Ka Runa is very pleasant relieve.

08. Gaia – 6.18
Gaia is based on lyrics of Homer from the 8th century. It is a song about mother earth. Gaia has the feel of an incantation at the start and perhaps it is. The song has an eastern sound to it. Showing again that Faun will always expand their boundaries to new worlds.

09. Zeit nach dem Sturm – 5.57
Even though it is called time after the storm, there are some stormy moments in this song. Male and female vocals are mixed in this song. Together they tell the story of the song. It is almost as if they are both at different places singing about each other.

10.  2 Falken (unplugged) – 4.40
In this version the sad emotions hidden in 2 falken come to surface. Oliver has a very soft and gentle voice, you can hear the emotion in his vocals. This song sounds much simpler but goes much deeper. Touching. 

11. Der Stille Grund – 3.07
The album closes with an a-capella song by Lisa and Fiona. When the album is finished you can almost still hear their voices. A great way to end an album, very delicate.

Cover Picture

Technical Information

Total playing time – 50:49
Tracks – 11


This album may be quiet musically, but definitely not emotionally. It touches you and lets you drift off in to your own meandering. It makes me wonder about the next album, will all this peace and quiet be disturbed then? About Totem: yet another fantastic paganfolk album has joined the discography of Faun.


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Overall: 9


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