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Artist: Faun
Title: Eden
Genre: Pagan / Folk
Release Date: 24th June 2011
Label: Screaming Banshee

Album Review

It's been two years since eclectic Folk band FAUN has made an album release, and the fans have been awaiting it's arrival with bated breath. At long last, the release of their conceptual album ‘Eden’ has definitely blown me away, and will undoubtedly satisfy the ears of all of their listeners. With the fabled Garden of Eden being the focal point of the albums concept, songs such as ‘Adam Lay Ybounden’ and ‘Golden Apples’ definitely portray that ethereal image. When it comes to the signature sound of FAUN, we’ve been conditioned to expect something unique and organic from the Pagan influenced Folk band. I find myself realizing that while this album holds something that is undoubtedly FAUN, tried and true, there is also a new energy behind this album. A new power even, propelling you through the tracklist.

The band has evolved since their formal albums, truly taking you from great to greater in what they have brought to the table over the years. With this albums track titles such as ‘Hymn to Pan’ and ‘Arcadia’, FAUN emits a brand new atmosphere dictating a story written in the setting of a paradise, and one that will eventually be lost. ‘Eden’ seethes with numerous cultural influences behind the styles of music they've composed the new release in, and behind every one of those is a different portrayal of an age-old story. This is an album that I would have no issue playing on repeat, and something that will undoubtedly succeed at captivating their audience.


01. Lupercalia - 3:15
02. Zeitgeist - 4:02
03. Iduna - 3:21
04. The Butterfly - 1:33
05. Adam Lay Ybounden - 4:36
06. Hymn to Pan - 6:56
07. Pearl - 5:04
08. Oyneng yar - 5:33
09. Polska fran anderson - 4:37
10. Alba - 7:17
11. Ynis avalach - 5:08
12. Arcadia - 7:16
13. The Market Song - 5:51
14. Golden Apples - 7:34




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Music: 8.5
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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