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faun vondenelben
Artist: Faun
Title: Von den Elben
Genre: Medieval Music / Celtic & Nordic Folk / Pagan Folk
Release Date: 25th January 2013
Label: Universal Music

Album Review

Preliminary note: Every once in a while there´s a certain band or an artist that gets the chance to get signed by a major label. Lickety-split there´s a lot of hue and cry by so called “fans” that THEIR band is getting commercial. The thing is: if this band is so brilliant that the world HAS to know about it, it´s inevitably that the relationship between me and them is not exclusive any longer - but I am delighted for them.   In this day and age almost every d***head feels obliged to utter his very own opinion about a band´s development. First of all, there´s pretty much ado about nothing… and secondly: Seriously, get a life!!!

If you don´t have a clue, how music business works and what efforts those musicians made just to please you with their music while concerning about how to earn their sustentation, you better shut the f*** up! It´s just your bruised ego that is longing for the attention of people who are passionate worker AND artists at once… The upcoming review just don´t give a f*** about the annoying scolding, although the most important point of critique refers to an issue that might be triggered by the change of the label…

‘Von den Elben’ is FAUN’s 8th release and was eagerly awaited by fans. Due to announced changes within their music and their “influences” in conjunction with a chance of their label, head wind was pretty heavy and FAUN respectively Oliver S. Tyr felt impelled to explain their album on a Facebook page. Of course, every time there´s a certain fear how a new release would sound like. In case of composing and lyrics, FAUN is still the same “folk band”, they always had been. I don´t know, if it´s really necessary to duet with SANTIANO, but that´s my issue, because I don´t really these guys and their kind of music. The songs FAUN offers the audience on this release is material, fans are used to. Beautiful songs, exhilarant and thoughtful lyrics…

But, to be honest: there´s a snag! In my opinion, the album is overproduced. There´s a certain point, I sought for FAUN`s typical spirit. Songs about nature, fairy-tales and mystical themes and a slick and polished production are quite contrarian. You´ll get an idea what FAUN might have sounded like, if they had the options in earlier times, but in the very moment while listening to this album and the (mostly) beautiful songs, there´s no other conclusion than that this production is inappropriate for FAUN´s music. Therefore, the rating of this review embodies that it´s not the material that Faun offers which is dragging down but unfortunately, it´s the sound… My advice is: get your own idea of this release – I´m looking forward to listening to these songs live on tour…with the spirit and the sound of FAUN!


01. Mit dem Wind 
02. Diese kalte Nacht 
03. Von den Elben 
04. Tanz mit mir (Duett with Santiano) 
05. Schrei es in die Winde
06. Wilde Rose 
07. Wenn wir uns wiedersehen 
08. Bring mich nach Haus 
09. Welche Sprache spricht dein Herz
10. Andro II 
11. Minne 2013 (Duett with Subway to Sally) 
12. Thymian & Rosmarin 
13. Warte auf mich


Oliver S. Tyr: Vocals, Irish bouzouki, Nyckelharpa, Mandocello, Celtic Harp, Saz, Tar, Guitar & various Lutes.
Fiona Rüggeberg: Vocals, Bagpipes, Flutes, Rebab, Recorder, Fujara, Seljefloit, Harmonium, Chalumeaux & Pommer.
Sonja Drakulich: Vocals, hammered Dulcimer Percussions.
Stephan Groth: Vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy, Cistern, Whistles
Rüdiger Maul: Darabouka, Davul, Bendir, Tamborello, Riq, Berimbao & other percussion instruments.
Niel Mitra: Computer Sampler & Synthesizer

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Cover Picture

faun vondenelben


Music: 9.5
Sound: 3
Extras: -
Total: 6.3 / 10

Tour Dates

Do. 14.03.13 – D – München 80636 – Freiheiz
Fr. 15.03.13 – D – Langen 63225 – Neue Stadthalle
Sa. 16.03.13 – D – Heidelberg 69115 – Providenzkirche
So. 17.03.13 – D – Würzburg 97070 – St Stephan
Mi. 20.03.13 – CH – Zürich 8005 – X–TRA
Do. 21.03.13 – D – Freiburg 79098 – Jazzhaus
Fr. 22.03.13 – D – Kaiserslautern 67659 – Kammgarn
Sa. 23.03.13 – D – Bochum 44787 – Christuskirche
So. 24.03.13 – NL – Amsterdam 1017 PH – Melkweg – Lijnbaansgracht 234 /A
Sa. 6.4.2013 – D – Dortmund Westfalenhalle – Jubiläumsparty 20 Jahre MPS
Fr. 12.04.13 – D – Regensburg 93053 – Antoniushaus
Sa. 13.04.13 – D – Köln 50733 – Kulturkirche Köln
So. 14.04.13 – D – Nürnberg 90441 – Hirsch
Do. 18.04.13 – D – Leipzig 04277 – Werk 2
Fr. 19.04.13 – D – Berlin 10961 – Heilig Kreuz Passionskirche
Sa. 20.04.13 – D – Hameln 31785
So. 21.04.13 – D – Hamburg 22769 – Grünspan

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