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introRock House, Moscow, Russia
27th April 2014

Sometimes there are concerts that you’ve been waiting for a long time and afterwards can call one of the best you’ve ever visited but can’t find right words to describe everything that you saw, heard and felt. Almost two weeks have passed after the first concert of STAUBKIND in Moscow and the emotions are still bright yet not so chaotic and it’s just right time to write a review.

I believe that the band doesn’t need any sort of introduction so just a couple words. STAUBKIND was founded in 2004 by vocalist Louis Manke and during 10 years of the existence the formation has released 4 full-length albums and played a lot of concerts impressing the audience with their heartfelt songs, melancholic music and beautiful atmosphere. STAUBKIND is Louis Manke (vocals), Martin Ukrasvan (guitar), Henrik Böhl (keyboards), Sebastian Scheibe (bass), Friedemann Mäthger (drums). /


Music & Performance
When STAUBKIND being a little bit late appeared on stage, the audience was already pining in impatience. The concert brought together the most loyal fans of the band – this fact as well as friendly attitude of musicians to the audience predetermined the mood of the evening. Vocalist Louis Manke at the beginning of the concert asked everybody to come closer to the stage and “make a party together with the band”. He didn’t have to persuade the fans - the whole concert was held in one breath, in an atmosphere of melancholy and romance inherent to the music of STAUBKIND. Actually after the third composition the audience started reminding the guest who came to a friendly party where people had known each other for a long time and the concert was just a good reason to meet and to have fun. And that was really great!


The formation presented not only their best hits, but also pleased the audience with a new song. We can find some symbolism in the fact that the concert began with ‘Gnadenlos’ mercilessly dragging fans into the world of music, fantasy, hope and despair. The dramatic concept of the gig was structured so that disquieting songs, full of despair and hopelessness, gradually gave way to the songs with a glimmer of hope. And hereby the band led the audience to a logical conclusion of the concert – ‘Angekommen’ – as a hymn of adherence to all the dreams. Fang' dir deine Träume, STAUBKIND! Catch your dreams! Everything went too fast and even if everything started later than it was planned, everybody wanted more as the whole show of STAUBKIND appeared to be something more than just a mere performance as it felt that the musicians were really happy to play in Russia, to meet such a warm welcome and of course they charged the audience with that happiness.


After the set all the band members came to the hall to communicate with their fans, so everyone could take autographs and photos or just thank the band for their wonderful songs and the great and moving concert and express the hope to see them again. Actually we all really hope that STAUBKIND well come to Russia next time to play more shows and attract more and more new fans here.

01. Gnadenlos
02. Rette mich
03. Dein Engel schweigt
04. Kannst du mich sehn
05. Zu weit
06. Kleiner Engel
07. Königin
08. Fühlst du
09. Nur ein Tag
10. Viel mehr
11. Ohne dich
12. Schlaflied
13. Unendlich sein
14. Den Träumen so nah

15. Irgendwann
16. Drum Solo
17. Ein Traum der nie vergeht
18. So nah bei mir
19. Angekommen

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 8.7 / 10


All pictures by Alyona Dowe

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