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Artist: Staubkind
Title: Staubkind
Genre: Deutsch Rock
Release Date: 29th June 2012
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

With their third album, the German STAUBKIND have come to fill the void UNHEILIG have created by turning to the more commercial side of the spectre. Without turning their back completely to this very side STAUBKIND have managed to produce a highly idiosyncratic album with dark moments underlined by the excellent vocals of Louis Manke, which in turn give their place to harder riffs in order to end up with a melancholic (to the point of being melodramatic) ‘Kleine Engel’. And though this song is still one of the best moments of the album you’ll find it difficult not to like any of the other songs included here. This is something aided by the overall production of the CD which manages to keep a good balance between the refined and the raw outcomes. As far it concerns the lyrics most of them are about an almost claustrophobic anxiety, agoraphobia of one, if I can put it this way, which is never reduced to a plain misery.

As far as it concerns their style there are Pop elements combined with Gothic, Hard Rock and Synth-Pop aspects that only guarantee that you’ll not be bored after a couple of re-listening. Some of the most notable songs included here are ‘So Nah Bei Mir’, ‘Kannst Du Mich Seh’n’, and ‘Paradies’ besides the aforementioned ‘Kleiner Engel’. The first clings closer to Gothic Pop and has a very catchy music, whilst ‘Kannst Du Mich Seh’n’ and ‘Paradies’ show their affiliations to the more classic Goth scene without at the same time losing their edginess. In other words this is not only an enjoyable album but possibly also a peak in STAUBKIND’s career up till now. Much more important than all that is that this is an album that will stay in the memory of the listeners, an album that, at the same time, places STAUBKIND very high in the ranks of the German Rock scene.


01. Intro
02. Nur Ein Tag
03. Fühlst Du
04. So Nah Bei Mir
05. Angekommen
06. Gnadenlos
07. Lass Mich Los
08. Kannst Du Mich Seh’n
09. Unendlich Sein
10. Rette Mich
11. Irgendwann
12. Einsam
13. Paradies
14. Kleiner Engel


Louis Manke
Sebastian Scheibe
Rico Meerheim
Henrik Böhl
Friedemann Mäthger

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staubkind st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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