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staubkind wowirzuhausesind
Artist: Staubkind
Title: Wo wir zu Hause sind
Genre: Alternative/ German Rock
Release Date: 2nd August 2013
Label: Out Of Line (rough trade)

Album Review

STAUBKIND was founded in 2004 in Berlin by one member of TERMINAL CHOICE, Louis Manke. He names bands like OOMPH!, LINKING PARK, EVANESCENCE and ZERAPHINE as his inspiration. With ‘Endlos’ (Endless), the band gained first recognition as this song appeared on several compilations and gathered continuously a growing fan base.

Right after the announcement of presenting their songs in an acoustic version most concerts of their tour were quickly sold out. Thus STAUBKIND decided to record a show, so that the fans who couldn’t get a ticket and those who have been there and want to recall the memory of an extraordinary show, have the chance to listen to it again and again. The acoustic concert was recorded at their live show in Munich 2013. To create a more chamber orchestra feeling, Jenny Melicus (violin), Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff (cello) and Carsten Klatte (guitar) joined STAUBKIND on their acoustic tour.

It is definitely a special experience when bands or musicians do acoustic shows. It is so much more intimate and you are more focussed on the singing qualities, as well as on the skills of playing instruments. With their tour and this album STAUBKIND proved that they do have the qualities and that they are able to interact with the audience as you can hear the crowd singing, clapping their hands and cheering loudly. So make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and imagine being part of the audience experiencing an atmospheric concert. The album is available as standard version, as well as Deluxe edition.


01. Nur ein Tag
02. Dein Engel schweigt
03. Kannst Du mich seh’n
04. Fühlst Du
05. Paradies
06. Unendlich sein
07. Viel mehr
08. Königin
09. Zu weit
10. Kleiner Engel
11. Irgendwann
12. Ein Traum der nie vergeht
13. Als ich fortging
14. So nah bei mir
15. Angekommen


Louis Manke (vocals)
Sebastian Scheibe (bass)
Martin Ukrasvan (guitar)
Henrik Böhl (piano/ keyboards)
Friedemann Mäthger (drums)

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staubkind wowirzuhausesind


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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