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staubkind alleswasichbin
Artist: Staubkind
Title: Alles was ich bin
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 18th July 2014
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

This year STAUBKIND celebrates their 10th anniversary: ten years ago the guitar player of TERMINAL CHOICE Louis Manke started his own project. During all those years the band managed to reveal its heart-rending melodic potential that gives an opportunity to bracket STAUBKIND with such well-known gothic doom formations like BESEECH, late PARADISE LOST, LAKE OF TEARS, FORGIVE-ME-NOT. Two years ago the band was on tour with UNHEILIG to support the album ‘Lichter der Stadt’ which significantly influenced the sound of STAUBKIND’s new release.

After the first listening the album seems to be a bit second-rate, but you can immediately notice some portion of optimism that is not typical for earlier works. Already the intro shows big city lights and busy streets. “Jeder neue Augenblick, jeder neue Traum, wird dich verändern. Alles, was du dafür tun must ist leben. Jetzt. Hier. Fang dir deine Träume.” (Every moment with every new dream you will change and all that you must do with it is to live. Now. Here. Catch your dreams) – such a familiar voice is telling and the journey begins. ‘Alles was ich bin’ is in some way a confession of a person who had to go through many trials and tribulations but found the strength to move further. Lessons of the past, forgiveness, a deep sigh and a new road ahead – all these images and emotions are perfectly conveyed not only with lyrics, but with music as well.

On the album one will find all the distinctive features of STAUBKIND: heartfelt and catchy compositions with explosive refrains, crystal piano parts and some heaviness harmonically woven into the delicate musical texture. And the more you listen to ‘Alles was ich bin’, the more you discover that it doesn’t remind of any previous creations of the band however the style of STAUBKIND remains. So they managed to change themselves and still be themselves. As the album contains 14 tracks it may seem a bit long especially if a listener is not in the right mood, but if the mood is just right then you will be able to fully enjoy excellent music and try to comprehend each song.


01. Intro 2014 – 1:27
02. Den Träumen so nah– 3:46
03. Es Wird Weitergeh'n – 3:38
04. Wunder – 3:25
05. Bis ans Ende der Welt– 4:01
06. Alles was ich bin – 3:31
07. So still – 3:31
08. Vorbei – 3:30
09. Hörst du mich– 4:05
10. Warum – 3:47
11. Traumfänger – 4:41
12. Unsere Zeit – 3:45
13. Durch den Regen – 4:13
14. Was für immer bleibt – 3:38


Louis Manke –Vocals
Sebastian Scheibe – Bass
Henrik Böhl – Keyboard
Friedemann Mäthger – Drums
Der Dirk – Guitar

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staubkind alleswasichbin


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10


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