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Huxley’s, Berlin, Germany
15th April 2010
Subway to Sally - Nackt II Acoustic Tour

As I arrived at Huxley’s, I had to look around where I am. In front of the door a bunch of people were waiting for entrance and in the club, there were some new arrangements like stairs that guide you to a little platform in the back of the hall and seemed to made for V.I.P. But I wasn’t there for a while, so maybe it isn’t new. Who knows...? The stage setting from stage designer Alexandra Hahn & SUBWAY’s “Nackt II” was already built on and the fans were waiting in front of the stage. I wasn’t sure, why the location was moved from Postbahnhof to the Huxley’s. The official reason was the sold-out Postbahnhof. The Huxley’s seemed to be not that big but obvious a little bit bigger so that everybody gets a ticket for the first concert of “Nackt II” (the continuation of “Nackt 2006”).

For those who couldn’t see SUBWAY TO SALLY live yet: They will perform in other concert halls, churches or theatres in Germany:
28.04.2010 Kurfürstliches Schloss, Mainz
29.04.2010 Theaterhaus, Stuttgart
30.04.2010 Backstage, München
01.05.2010 Kulturfabrik Kofmehl, CH-Solothurn
02.05.2010 Markgrafensaal, Schwabach
04.05.2010 Capitol, Mannheim
05.05.2010 Lutherkirche, Osnabrück
06.05.2010 Lutherkirche, Osnabrück
07.05.2010 Illipse Kulturforum, Illingen
08.05.2010 Kulturzelt, Regensburg
11.06.2010 NOVA ROCK, Pannonia Fields II, A-Nickelsdorf
23.07.2010 Nackt II - OPEN AIR, Domhof, Bad Mergentheim
24.07.2010 FESTIVAL TOUR 2010, Honbergsommer Zeltfestival, Tuttlingen
14.08.2010 Steiner Burgfestival, Hochschloß, Stein an der Traun
28.08.2010 Summersend Open Air, Andernach
17.09.2010 FESTIVAL TOUR 2010, Amphiteheater, Hanau
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Music & Performance
The Smokers area was given on the big balcony, which was necessary because the show began 30 Minutes later than advertised and some fans were waiting there. But most of them in the hall were singing the classical part of a very old SUBWAY song: “Blut, Blut, Räuber saufen Blut. Raub und Mord und Überfall sind gut. Hoch vom Galgen klingt es, hoch vom Galgen klingt es. Raub und Mord und Überfall sind gut”. And a few moments later we could see a black person entering the stage. It was Nora Thiele. And another few moments later we knew, that she is percussionist. She started to play her drum. Eric Fish, Bodenski, Simon, Frau Schmidt, Ingo Hampf, Sugar Ray, Simon Michael and the cellist B.DEUTUNG followed onto the stage. Every one of them took place on the feed of the big bare-branched and gnarled tree, which was built up on stage. SUBWAY’s tree, because a crow was sitting over their heads on a branch. Do you know what that means? If you know it, you are a die-hard SUBWAY fan! All I can say is “Krähenfrass”!

Eric Fish opened the event with: “I wish you a naked enjoyment with...” and the audience completed with: “SUBWAY TO SALLY!” The first songs like ‘Die Schlacht’ or others they performed hadn’t any effect to the audience. It was comparatively quiet. I had the feeling, that all what Eric was singing and the others were playing is without passion. Later at the evening, and not later than ‘Versteckt’, I had the feeling that the Berlin audience was thawing finally and also the band seemed to have fun. But still Eric had to motivate the people a lot. At the beginning it wasn’t clear if “Nackt II” would be just as good as the “Nackt Tour 2006”. SUBWAY hadn’t a big choice to choose their songs for the setlist by their own. The fans had their wish list first of all. SUBWAY had only one condition on their homepage: Only songs that never performed on a tour before. But the die-hard fans weren’t misled and we could listen to ‘Ohne Liebe’, ‘Sieben’ and ‘Julia und die Räuber’ after all.

I noticed that the old songs like ‘Falscher Heiland’, ‘Veitstanz’ or ‘Eisblumen’ made up for a really warm atmosphere. Some of the songs during the evening were never played live or not often before, just as announced at the website. Eric told us that some journalist would call SUBWAY a “mediaeval band” and he thinks that it’s not true because every note is not older than 8 or 12 years! A real highlight (verbally!) was the red light into the old tree as SUBWAY performed their bonus song ‘Kaltes Herz’. The tree didn’t look like a tree anymore but rather like a beating heart. A big compliment to Alexandra Hahn! It was awesome! Eric told Bodenski a big “Thank You!” for writing such great lyrics and gave him a kiss on his head. All in all SUBWAY played 26 (!!!) danceable and melodic songs! They played several bonus songs and it was a long and very emotional prelude concert! Felicitous!

01. Die Schlacht
02. Henkersbraut
03. Die Rose im Wasser
04. Herrin des Feuers
05. Krähenkönig
06. Kleine Schwester
07. Angelus
08. Eisblumen
09. Versteckt
10. Accingite Vos
11. So fern, so nah
12. Wenn Engel hassen
13. Falscher Heiland
14. Krähenfrass
15. Bruder
16. An der Zeit
17. Die Ratten
18. Auf Kiel
19. Tanz auf dem Vulkan
20. Veitstanz
21. Spielmann
22. Ohne Liebe
23. Sieben
24. Kaltes Herz
25. Die Jagd
26. Julia und die Räuber

Music: 8
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10

All pictures by Nadine Ginzel (

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