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Wacken, Germany
2nd to 4th August 2007

It took us 5hs of driving to get to the small village called Wacken. The biggest heavy metal festival of the world was ahead of us and we were looking forward to see big bands such as BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, IMMORTAL and TYPE O NEGATIVE. This was the first day and our mood was on its highest.


LETZTE INSTANZ, founded in Dresden, Germany in 1996, is a German rock band particularly noted for their use of the violin and cello. The founding members included Hörbi, Tin Whistle, Muttis Stolz, Kaspar Wichman, Holly D. and Markus G-Punkt. Benni Cellini and Robin Sohn entered the group a year later. To date, they have released six studio albums, one live album, a live DVD, a single, and have appeared on a number of mix CDs.

The music was just great. They played old songs and also some of their new tracks such as ‘Wir sind allein’ (‘We are alone’). So, the mixture of their songs was just awesome. There were so many chances to sing along and they also played rock classics like ‘I was made for loving you’ by KISS. So, all in all, the concert, although we only were there for half of it, was great.

They performed on the tent stage and it was crowded, so I couldn’t see anything at all because everybody was just trying to get one step further and they were just completely overrunning me.

Music 10
Performance –
Sound 8
Lights daylight
Total 9


SODOM is a German thrash metal band formed in 1982. They are considered one of the three biggest Teutonic thrash metal bands - the other two are KREATOR and DESTRUCTION. A new album simply titled ‘Sodom’ was released in 2006, in the same vein as its predecessors ‘Code Red’ and ‘M-16’. The title was chosen as Angelripper explained, because every band needs a self-titled album. The album was however delayed because the DVD ‘Lords of Depravity’ took more time to compose than initially thought.

Since SODOM is a thrash metal band, I was excited to see how they do on stage. Thrash metal isn’t normally my kind of music but I still wanted to see them. Although the guitars were pretty good, I just couldn’t stand the music. Maybe, I’m too young for that kind of music, I don’t know.

SODOM played on the black stage later that day and I was excited to see that famous German band play live. They started their concert and the crowd just simply freaked out. Although I’ve only heard good things about the band, the concert wasn’t really my kind of music going on. The performance wasn’t anything special if you ask me. They stood on stage, true, and they played their songs. Basically, after 20 minutes I left.

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 6
Lights 8
Total 7


MAROON is a vegan straight edge hardcore band from Nordhausen, in Germany which formed in 1998. Heavily influenced musically and politically by mid-1990s vegan straight edge hardcore acts such as EARTH CRISIS, DAY OF SUFFERING, LOXIRAN and MORNING AGAIN, their music also displays influences from metal acts such as AT THE GATES, METALLICA, SEPULTURA and SLAYER.

I’ve seen them before and I really like their music. It’s not just like that cheap hardcore music; it has a lot of skills and great guitars with an awesome voice. It is always fun to see and hear them perform live. Listening to them gives you the impression that they want to be different from other hardcore bands because they just sound different which gives a nice fresh touch to it.

Same thing happened to me with MAROON as it did with LETZTE INSTANZ before. I couldn’t see the band at all. Everybody was just running and squeezing themselves into the area of the tent stage.

Music 9
Performance -
Sound 8
Lights 8
Total 8


SAXON are a British heavy metal band, formed in 1976 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. As leading lights in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal they had a brief period of UK Top 40 success in the early 1980s, and also tasted success in Europe and Japan. They still tour heavily and regularly. Their latest (in support of ‘The Inner Sanctum’ album) is their largest in the UK since the early 1980s.

SAXON play heavy metal. I knew that and I actually do like that kind of music but somehow, their music wasn’t really my style at all. His voice was pretty good, no doubt about that but it just wasn’t what I expected of the band.

SAXON - THE Wacken band of all times! They perform every year and so, I was excited to see that well-known band perform. They were scheduled to play for 2hs but I left after one. It wasn’t bad, not at all, but I guess, those “old bands” are just not my kind of music. Their performance was ok but nothing really special.

Music 6
Performance 7
Sound 7
Lights 8
Total 6.8

All pics by Ruth Gräbeldinger
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