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Solar Fake HelsinkiOn the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
8th December 2018
Solar Fake & Miseria Ultima

Swear I’m not a fan of electronic music, but what Sven Friedrich does (including also his previous DREADFUL SHADOWS and ZERAPHINE projects)... this causes a flow of delightful joy, very close to happiness. So 8th December SOLAR FAKE has made the unique show at On the Rocks club in Helsinki.

But there is a certain background. Our “Solar” guys added some precious pieces of happiness to all those who wanted more than just a concert - exclusive pre-party event which included a session of answers to fans’ questions at the discussion club, meet & greet and even a few exclusive songs as cover-versions and some special tracks from the new album, ‘You win. Who cares?’. It was the really special present for Helsinki! Yes, there was support band also. If it is possible to tell, in a break between SOLAR FAKE performances, Dark Electro duo MISERIA ULTIMA appeared on the scene. So it was a very memorable evening in a cosy atmosphere and smiles together with SOLAR FAKE.

Miseria Ultima

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Solar Fake

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All pictures by Anastasia Philippova

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