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DSC 4607Péitenger CARena, Pétange, Luxembourg
14th March 2021
Brings - Drive-In-Concert

Carnival is cancelled this year for the well-known reasons, but there was a small ray of hope at the end of the tunnel this Sunday evening. The community of Pétange, the KaGePe (carnival community of Pétange) and the den Atelier organised the drive-in concert of the Cologne band BRINGS. A good atmosphere was definitely pre-programmed here, despite the not so good weather.

With the Drive-In concerts in Pétange, the crew around the A-Team was already able to organise some concerts on the industrial ground in summer - with success! And this success was also noticeable on Sunday evening. Despite the bad weather and stricter guidelines than in summer, many visitors found their way to the Ecosider site. The small stage was inconspicuously set up next to the big screen, on which cameras broadcasted the concert. The sound came directly from the car radio via an in-house frequency.

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BRINGS entered the CARena stage in a good mood. Besides frontman Peter Brings, his brother Stephan (bass), Kai Engel (keyboard), Harry Alfter (guitar) and Christian Blüm (drums) took up their instruments. Peter Brings didn’t take long to greet his audience in proper German and immediately switched to Kölsch, which the Luxemburgers didn’t mind at all. The Cologne band delivered one hit after another, and of course the band’s mega-hit ‘Supergeile Zick’ was not to be missed. The mood in the audience was controlled and exuberant: There was swaying, honking, blinking and celebrating, but without ignoring the necessary hygiene rules. The mood was already very good and relaxed in advance and also until the end, so there is hope that after the pandemic, concerts can take place again normally.

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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