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placebo beautifuljamesOver the course of more than 25 years and over 13 million albums sold, PLACEBO have proven to be masters of cataloguing human existence. The unique way in which the band examines both the weaknesses and the beauty of human beings has long made them a haven for those who feel that the trap of tradition and conformity is just that: a trap! PLACEBO continue to shed light on aspects of our society that some view with scepticism at best, and hatred at worst.

The new single ‘Beautiful James’ is therefore all the more poignant as it is born into a world that is more divided than ever before. Against the backdrop of fragmented global relationships, fake news and conspiracy theories and the widespread fear of the narrow-minded of what is happening cannot understand them, ‘Beautiful James’ conveys a message of defiance with the aim of normalizing non-heteronormative relationships and celebrating them in a song.

Brian Molko comments on the release of ‘Beautiful James’ as follows: “If the song serves to irritate the philistines and uptight people, then that’s fine with me. But it remains essential for me that each listener discovers his or her own personal story in it - I really don't want to tell you what to feel.”

Accompanied by the bright shadows of insomnia, the band turned their creative process on its head to bring ‘Beautiful James’ to life. This meant that they approached their work together in a new way, starting with an image and began a song title that evoked a certain feeling - long before a note was ever written. The result is a song as powerful as it is gentle - a determined, defiant and ultimately necessary work of art. ‘Beautiful James’ is not a polemic, but a statement; one that is as clear and bold as the band has always been.

Placebo - ‘Beautiful James’ (Single) released 17th September 2021 via SO Recordings / Roughtrade

Source: Press Release

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