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lefttodie tour2023F-Haus, Jena, Germany
16th March 2023
Left To Die - “Reborn Dead Tour 2023” - Support: Hiraes

Death Metal super group LEFT TO DIE is coming on “Reborn Dead Tour” in March 2023. The band, which includes musicians from DEATH, MASSACRE, OBITUARY, GRUESOME and EXHUMED, will play the legendary DEATH album ‘Leprosy’ in its entirety as well as songs from DEATH’s debut album ‘Scream Bloody Gore’. Florida-based LEFT TO DIE is made up of former DEATH and OBITUARY bassist Terry Butler, fellow DEATH player at the time Rick Rozz on guitar, GRUESOME guitarist and EXHUMED vocalist Matt Harvey, and ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION drummer Gus Rios. The super group will tour Europe for the first time in March 2023.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: can be bought for 29.20 + charges (pre-sale) via Eventim
Facebook Event:

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