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ChristmasIn the continuation of our Christmas interviews, our questions were also answered by Sal Ramazzini (The Gitas). Enjoy reading!

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: What associations do you have with Christmas?
Sal: My family, good times, amazing food, all the colours; aromas and decorations that Guatemala has to offer for this season, but mostly family.

RoD: Do you like this holiday and why?
Sal: I like the idea of spending time with the family and the vibe of unity that this Holliday brings, but not a fan of the “religious” propaganda or the capitalist mentality of this Holliday.

RoD: Did you follow any tradition on the eve of this holiday?
Sal: We have dinner and at midnight we toast.


RoD: The Magic of Christmas night - is it true or fiction?
Sal: Every night has magic it all depends what perspective you have about things, all is real when it comes from the soul, fiction when it’s imposed by society.

RoD: Your favourite Christmas story / movie?
Sal: My favourite Christmas stories are:
- Christmas carol
- The night before Christmas
- Uncle Scrooge
- The Grinch

RoD: What is your favourite Christmas character?
Sal: My favourite characters are Uncle Scrooge or the Grinch.

RoD: Where and how better to celebrate Christmas?
Sal: With family anywhere! Next time for me will be Kyiv or Ivano Frankivst.


RoD: Did you believed in Santa Claus in childhood?
Sal: Yes I did believe in the fat man, and I was heartbroken when I found out he wasn’t real.

RoD: Have any of your wishes, which you made on Christmas, come true?
Sal: Yes, I’m an astronaut flying far away in a galaxy filled with light and wonders.

RoD: Has Christmas a religious significance for you or is it a tribute to tradition?
Sal: Mostly a family tradition, I don’t believe in Jesus Christ.... Sorry fanatics.

RoD: Why do we celebrate Christmas?
Sal: Because of global market and consumer mentality (capitalism) business, money and more money, we celebrate because it generates revenue for the system... Again sorry fanatics it has nothing to do with your “saviour”.

RoD: If Santa Claus drinks Coca-Cola on Christmas, what drinks in this case Russian Father Frost?
Sal: Horilka, budmo hey!

RoD: How did you celebrate Christmas this year? Did make a snowman or go skiing?
Sal: We had a crazy party at the GITAS house, friends and lots of craziness!!!! We made a snowman from Colombia.


RoD: What wish did you make on Christmas night for yourself? And what did you wish for other people?
Sal: No wishes to be honest just hoping we can all coexist in a peaceful world where have compassion to one another...

All pictures by Kateryna Lashchykova