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helsinki P1110556THE 69 EYES are celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary this year and instead of slowing down, they made a fantastic new album called ‘West End’, played their first US-tour after a 10-years break and then set off to haunt Europe. The band hadn’t played a larger tour in Germany for a while and so you had to go to Finland to see them after the motto “If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain” and you could meet a bunch of Germans at Tavastia every year, who had the same idea. As soon as the tour was announced and a brief check in the USA showed that they were at their best, plans were made, hotels booked and tickets purchased. Is it possible to get an overdose of THE 69 EYES after countless gigs in the past 19 years?

Thursday November 31st 2019 - ‘Feel Berlin‘

I’m ready to attend 12 gigs in 24 days, 10 of THE 69 EYES and since BEAST IN BLACK and DOYLE were so kind to show up in Munich and Vienna, they were on the schedule as well. Time for sightseeing in Berlin “Going down to Potsdamer Platz singing Checkpoint Charlie blues...” (THE 69 EYES - ‘Feel Berlin’)

Friday November 1st 2019 - Tavastia, Helsinki

Time to dig the record shops for old gems and additions to my collection, before Tavastia’s doors finally opened. There were long lines at the door and somehow it reminded me of the times, when THE 69 EYES played a gig and a band called HIM were announced as support. The floor was already packed with people, the unofficial dress-code obviously black and you could see 69 EYES shirts from every decade of the band’s career and some people even wore their spookiest Halloween outfits. Tavastia’s stage was decorated with illuminated Pumpkin-lanterns and soon the main lights got dark and five skeletons appeared on stage. Long-time fans might remember the ‘Skeleton-Look’ from the ‘Devils’ era but tonight ‘Devils’ was not on the setlist, ‘Two Horns Up’ had replaced the song as opener and it was a worthy successor.

helsinki P1090223helsinki P1090880

Tavastia was ready to rock and I felt a little surprised when I realized that the band on stage still seemed to be a bit strained. I mean a gig a Tavastia is always a big thing for a Finnish band but the spark had ignited immediately and the audience obviously was happy with the performance. Song by song, THE 69 EYES seemed to be more convinced that the audience liked the performance and finally found back to their usual performance. Assuming that the setlist would resemble the one that had been played at Nosturi nearly two months ago, I hoped ‘Borderline‘ and ‘Hell Has No Mercy‘ would be on tonight’s setlist. Both are rather slow songs, have a guitar solo and require a good vocal performance, which is quite convenient if you want to set a benchmark and compare every live-performance of the two songs during a tour. In my books both of the songs are among the best THE 69 EYES wrote so far.

helsinki P1090642helsinki P1100772

17 songs were on tonight’s setlist, 5 from the new album ‘West End’ and 12 from their vast back-catalogue but no song from ‘Universal Monsters’ could be found (I really missed ‘Jetfighter Plane‘). The Helsinki crowd made no difference between old and new songs, you saw hands in the air and smiling faces around you and it became really warm on the floor and upstairs. Song by song people were partying heavier and ‘Feel Berlin’ was the ultimate highlight from the regular setlist. Drummer Jussi69 obviously enjoyed seeing so many hands in the air, giving us a thumbs-up after feigning to be the conductor of the whole thing, waving his drumstick. THE 69 EYES left the stage under a big applause and when they came back for the encore, there was a novelty! Jyrki gave a speech, wishing us “Happy Halloween” first and then addressed the crowd in Finnish and someone standing next to me was so kind to translate what he said.

helsinki P1100720helsinki P1110452

Maybe due to the fact, that the audience was quite international tonight, Jyrki changed back to English telling us, they would be finishing the show like they started doing it this way app. 15 years ago. He told us, that he remembered where we were, in Helsinki, his hometown, the hometown of the HELSINKI VAMPIRES, Tavastia and he got a loud cheering from the audience for this statement. Addressing the crowd he asked the obviously rhetorical question “Do you wanna rock?“ and a half-hearted response followed from the crowd. Telling us this was only a try-out, he asked us to do the real thing now “You wanna rock?” A very loud cheering from the crowd followed suit. “This is not the Tavastia” he commented the response. “Come on! Do you wanna rock?”

helsinki P1090715

Tavastia’s response was so loud, that you could hardly hear Jussi attacking the cymbals with his drumsticks and I‘m pretty sure some of the people lost their voices that moment. With a kick-ass performance of ‘Lost Boys’ THE 69 EYES ended their Halloween-show at Tavastia. It was a solid gig but there was still a bit of room for a more vigorous performance. “Great things to come” I told all my fellows who remained at home and would join me on the road in Germany in a few days’ time.

Saturday November 2nd 2019 - Hellraiser, Leipzig

“No sleep till Leipzig!” was my mantra after I left Tavastia for a bar and then for the airport. I saw some familiar faces among those who were boarding the flight to Berlin. There was a group of Helsinki Vampires on-board. I had to occupy my mind and thought about that THE 69 EYES offered meet & greet packages during “West End Tour 2019”. In my books it‘s a double-edged sword and I was curious how this would affect the chances to get a spot in the front row. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, who would be the support had announced that they would be there after the show and that’s the way I’m a lot fonder of. I rather prefer to invest in more tickets for the live shows than in a meet & greet.

After a brief stop at Starbucks and a Matcha-Latte I made it to Leipzig fully awake. The venue in Leipzig had been changed from Moritzbastei (which would have been very close to my hotel) to Hellraiser (in the middle of nowhere if you don’t have a car or want to pay a fortune for a taxi) and I’m very grateful that a friend of mine brought me there just in time for the beginning of the show. Leipzig can be called Germany’s Capital of Goth, so it was not by chance that Hellraiser with its capacity of app. 1,000 people was sold out. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, who had released a new album ‘Bleeding the Stars’ earlier this year, were the perfect support, I felt fully awake immediately and the crowd rocked as if the headliner was on stage already.

leipzig IMG 0271

In Leipzig it seemed that LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE were even better than last summer in Munich. Julian frequently made contact with the audience, climbed over the barrier while rocking with the crowd and I loved the thunder Ilker on bass and Dominik on drums created for ‘Kingdom solicitude’ and I came to the result that I love the live version a lot better than the one on the album. A thing that was a bit unnerving was, that Julian permanently used the words that contained “fuck…” in varying forms. After a short break, lights went dark and the intro started (it’s still confusing for me, that it’s not ‘Cry Little Sister’ anymore) THE 69 EYES came on stage and the party could begin. I had a good view on what was happening on stage but during the show there were too much fog and too bright lights quite often, so you could hear THE 69 EYES but hardly see them.

The sound-quality was mixed the whole evening, especially during ‘Dance D‘amour’ Jyrki’s vocals made me think “Tonight you aren‘t at your best…” sometimes he missed to strike the right chord, then the vocals were too loud or the entry a tiny little bit too late. All in all it was a good opening for the tour, a sold-out venue, a good show without any severe technical problems concerning the instruments or the amplifiers and it seemed that both bands had given the crowd a night to remember. Before the encore Jyrki gave a speech again and somehow it made me think it was a kind of “Goodbye. That was it with THE 69 EYES”.

leipzig IMG 0285

But this was absolutely contrary to what I knew was lying ahead: a year full of touring and festival gigs. At the merch I got my tour-shirt and the pink/ magenta print somehow reminded of one of the tour-shirts I bought some twelve years ago, when ‘Angels’ was promoted with a tour. I spotted LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE at the merch and Bazie at the bar but I left the venue for the long trip back to the hotel. During the ride back, messages popped in, friends were telling me, that they thought that the message of Jyrki’s speech was, that THE 69 EYES were about to quit. It had been such a good gig but Jyrki’s speech left me a bit worried and I hoped that he would clarify this tomorrow, in Berlin.

Sunday, November 3rd 2019 - SO36, Berlin

‘Feel Berlin’ would get a totally new meaning for me tonight, but let‘s start at the doors of SO36. I arrived really early but there was a long line in front of SO36 already. SO36‘s capacity is app. 800 people and I was pretty sure there would be sold out sign on the door tonight. I got a very good spot near the front and the venue filled up pretty fast. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE once more delivered an amazing show and I thought that LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE‘s founder Oliver Schmid set course for an amazing future for the band when he chose Julian Larre as new vocalist. Julian is like a non-destructive tornado on stage and he really electrified the Berlin crowd. A friend counted how many times Julian used the f*** word that night and stopped counting when he reached 40.

berlin IMG 0474

I felt sorry for the people who stood in rear of SO36 because the floor is like a tube, a bit broader than the stage but very, very long, so people standing in the back can hardly see what’s happening on stage and there are better venues in Berlin. Once more Julian climbed over the barrier to perform while being in touch with the crowd. I lost count of how many times I thought “Wow!” and “Amazing!” and Julian’s voice and the fact that he sometimes resembles young Ville Valo coming to performance and vocals made sure that some the females in the crowd will follow the band from now on. That night LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE were treated like a headliner by the audience and got a big applause, some even demanded an encore but the schedule was too tight for an encore.

frankfurt IMG 5987

The crew appeared and everything was ready, when THE 69 EYES came on stage. I was glad I could see their faces tonight because I wanted to see their reaction, when they presented the new songs live to a dedicated crowd. The spark immediately ignited Berlin and a firework of songs was displayed. The only chance to catch some breath were ‘Borderline’, ‘Hell Has No Mercy’ and ‘Wasting The Dawn’. Somehow it seemed that Jyrki had decided to surprise all the long-time fans with new varies of lyrics or entries while performing the older songs. If this was a test, we had passed for sure! To hear ‘Feel Berlin’ in Berlin is always amazing and tonight it felt as if everyone one stage gave his very best for us.

berlin IMG 0626

Before the encore Jyrki once more gave a speech and this time, it was different from the one in Leipzig and I felt like “I must have misinterpreted Jyrki’s speech last night.” The encore was a blast and SO 36’s light-guy really knew his job! I have never seen a better illuminated stage for the “Rhetorical Question & Answer game” that marks the prelude of ‘Lost Boys’. Unfortunately this event ended with a broken wrist for me and that‘s ‘Feel Berlin’ for me from now on. I was glad my friends made sure I got to the ER as soon as possible and I decided not to skip the after-show party.

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 - LOGO, Hamburg

“You want to rock
Nothing’s gonna make you stop
And nothing’s gonna break you up
Everybody knows you’re lost
In the night time, honey” (THE 69 EYES - ’Lost Boys’)

This became my mantra when we left Berlin for Hamburg. The gig at LOGO had been announced as sold out and the rain in Hamburg was kind enough to stop, when we stood in the long line outdoors. LOGO has a capacity of 450 people and we were lucky to arrive so early. At the Merch the vendor had worked some magic for me (Thank you!!!!) and the tank-top with the violet lips had reappeared. We got a place in the front and met some familiar faces, there were even fans from the USA who had come to Germany to see THE 69 EYES. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE had a tough mission to make the reluctant Hamburg crowd rock but the last song finally saw Hamburg moving.

hamburg IMG 0746

When the crew made the stage ready for the show of THE 69 EYES, People started pushing front and I wished the show would have been moved to a larger venue, when it was clear that it was sold out. When Archie started the first tunes of ‘Two Horns Up’ Hamburg finally woke up and became alive. The stage was rather small, so there was no platform for Jussi’s drum set tonight but from our place we could perfectly see him and tonight his drumming style resembled Tommy Lee‘s but with a cool Goth-touch. The setlist was the same as in Berlin, the sound was a bit better, although occasionally some shrill tunes attacked the ears of the audience. Since I always bring special adaptive earplugs with filter, I didn‘t suffer from the too high tunes, but I spotted people in the audience who held their hands firmly over their ears.

hamburg IMG 0803

Then something I never experienced in 20 years of attending live gigs happened. Staff from the venue gave earplugs to those who were in need of them. Great service! Thank you! Again THE 69 EYES rocked us with what could be called a best of from the past and the 5 songs from ‘West End’. My personal highlight in Hamburg was ‘Cheyenna’, a song that was the weakest on the current album in my books, but tonight’s live version was a lot better, especially when Archie posed like a perfect biker (Jyrki needs some practice, I fear). I think it was after ’27 & Done’, when the condensed water started dripping from the ceiling and I started feeling disgusted and wishing that the gig would have been moved to a different venue, again.

hamburg IMG 0844

“You wanna rock! Nothing’s gonna make you stop!” I motivated myself. ‘Feel Berlin’ had less impact on the crowd than in Berlin, two nights ago. ‘Lost Boys’ marked the end of the show but the audience seemed to be less energetic and ready rock than in Berlin. After the show we decided to go to a bar nearby to wash down the negative aspects of this night for we wanted to remember it as a good show, which it was, but definitely in the wrong venue. I took a break while the bands went to Köln and joined them back in Stuttgart, meeting old friends and welcoming my friends who flew in from Scandinavia and Russia to join the fun for a few shows.

What happened in Stuttgart you can read here:

helsinki P1110437

“Home Sweet Home” I thought, when I parked the car near tonight’s venue Backstage Munich and on my way downtown I spotted a familiar tour bus. The review about the amazing show in Munich you can read here:

Ah and by the way, it seemed that Jyrki had decided that it‘s too confusing for the long-time fans to vary the lyrics of the old songs and change the entries. Thank you Jyrki! From now on I could stop asking myself and my friends if I was suffering from old age symptoms. Looking at the past 69 EYES tours I realized that it usually took 4 or 5 shows until everything worked smooth and that I was observing the bands progress during last week and assumed, that from now on I could expect flawless gigs.

Saturday, November 9th 2019 - MeetFactory, Prague

THE 69 EYES had played Metalfest in Pilsen earlier this year and I had purchased the ticket for tonight’s gig at the ticket booth in Pilsen. The tram took me to MeetFactory, the building looks a bit ramshackle from the railways side but the interior is really up to date. I met some people I had partied with at Metalfest in Pilsen and there was a glow happiness in people’s faces, even before the show began. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE seemed to have a solid fan base in the Czech Republic and since everyone was in a happy mood already, it was easy for Julian and Co. to stir the audience. Of course Julian climbed over the barrier to rock with the crowd, the Czech seemed to be a bit stunned first but then immediately joined the fun. By the way, Julian really had reduced the use of the f*** word during the last days.

prague IMG 2499

The gig wasn‘t sold-out but the venue was quite full when THE 69 EYES came on stage. The Munich energy and spirit seemed to have been be preserved, we saw an amazing show and the Prague audience was the loudest to sing ‘Borderline’. The rest of the show I spent rocking with my friends until the band came back for the encore, of course Jyrki gave a speech. Congratulations Prague! The chorus that demanded ‘Lost Boys’ so loud, managed to confuse the Helsinki Vampire, who solved the thing with “Hyvää Suomi” to lead over to ‘Framed in Blood’. By now, it seemed that the restraint from the beginning of the tour had vanished totally and the technical equipment had decided to join the fun permanently plus Jyrki and the audience remembered the lyrics by heart, so starting with the show Munich, THE 69 EYES were back to what I was used to from their past tours - 100% Goth’n’Roll.

prague IMG 2553prague IMG 2658

After dancing ‘Dance D’Amour’, it was time for the song the crowd in Prague had demanded to frenetically. Jyrki introduced the song by teaching us that “Thank you” in Finnish is “Kiitos” and it echoed back from the crowd immediately. Then he addressed the guys who demanded ‘Lost Boys’ all the time by telling them that it was time for them to make a lot of noise, which followed suit, so he had to silence us, telling us, that we should do it together and he would give us a sign. Jyrki explained, that he knows that we rock out hard and that we could make very loud rock-shows possible “So let’s do it!” followed by the remark, that this was a rehearsal. “You wanna rock?”

prague IMG 2720

The crowd’s reply was not as loud as in Munich, but I knew the Prague crowd from other shows and I was sure it would become one of the loudest replies ever, soon. Jyrki rated the reaction as “A little bit sketchy…” - laughing from the crowd followed suit. “Maybe I wasn‘t the best instructor, so let‘s try one more time!” Jyrki encouraged us. A louder reply to his question got us ‘The Lost Boys’ but Munich definitely had been a lot louder. Prague was the best gig after Munich so far and I was curious what would be happening in Vienna. It was great to meet Archie and Bazie after the show and I saw LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE being surrounded by fans, I’m sure both won over many new fans that night. “How on earth shall I survive without a 69 Eyes show for 4 nights?” I asked myself when the train took me home the next day. They had me, like they had me all the time when I attended more than one gig a year for 19 years now.

prague IMG 2607prague IMG 2637

Thursday, November 14th 2019 - Chelsea, Vienna

The day before the 69 EYES show, on 13th November, I visited the gig of LIFE OF AGONY and DOYLE at the Flex in Vienna. Big thanks to DOYLE for the amazing show! I was really glad that I got my ticket as soon as the gig was announced, since Flex was sold-out that night and LIFE OF AGONY took over Vienna immediately. Nice to meet other photographers and editors from Austrian webzines, I hope we will meet again, soon. Next day in the city… Vienna can be very Goth, it seems to be in the cities DNA and I was curious who would show up at Chelsea tonight. My broken hand hurt and my voice was gone due to rocking out with DOYLE the previous night, I didn’t care – “You wanna rock! Nothing‘s gonna make you stop!”

vienna IMG 3931

The venue was only a short walk from the hotel and I wondered where in this part of town they could have found a parking spot for the tour bus. Chelsea’s capacity is app. 250 people and the show was sold-out. Chelsea somehow reminded me of The Kingsland in New York, where I had attended a gig of THE 69 EYES in May and I hoped that it would not become as sweaty and over-packed. I stood near the front, so I had a good view on the small stage. Dominik’s drum set stood directly in front of me, but I can trust my earplugs and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE once more proved that they were not the support but the Co-Headliner. Tonight Tony Berger was on guitar again and since he is so familiar with LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE‘s songs as current the band-members they delivered a perfect show.

vienna IMG 3814

There was incredibly few space on stage and I still ask myself how Julian, Ilker and Tony could deliver such a breath-taking energetic performance without breaking their necks. Since I stood directly next to the drums and had a good view on Ilker and I rated the thunderstorm of bass and drums during ‘Kingdom Solicitude’ as the best one so far and this song starts attacking ‘Celestite Woman’ as my personal number-one song on their current setlist. When THE 69 EYES came on stage, I had a kind of flash-back and remembered one of their first shows in Germany in Munich’s Metropolis. Due to the fact that PARADISE LOST had so much equipment on stage, THE 69 EYES could hardly move but still seemed to enjoy the gig (maybe it was also due to the fact that Jyrki had a Jägermeister bottle on stage back in 2001…) and played a fantastic an very energetic show, that even got them approval from hard-core PARADISE LOST fans.

vienna IMG 3893

Vienna seemed to be the same it was hard to tell, who liked the show more, the band or the fans. Jyrki thanked us with a bow for dancing with him to ‘Borderline’ before ‘Hell Has No Mercy’ followed suit. When THE 69 EYES came back for the encore, Jussi even toasted us with his drink and bowed to the audience and Jyrki’s speech was really entertaining and educational that night. We learned that Vienna has a very special place in the heart of THE 69 EYES and that Jyrki came here to party and DJ and overdoses of Jägermeister and that 15 years ago Bazie and Jyrki came to Vienna and stayed in a hotel near the old Monastery Club (very loud cheering from the crowd) and wrote some songs that were released with ‘Devils’ and (Berlin you have to be really brave now!) half of ‘Feel Berlin’ was written in Vienna.

vienna IMG 4013

After that the crowd went even wilder during the encore and somehow it was like it should be, hot, loud and sweaty. Chelsea really is a little gem in Vienna’s club scene, I somehow forgot how amazing this place can be and I’m sure I’ll be back one day, it suits me a lot better than Flex. On my way back home I spotted a familiar Helsinki Vampire leaving the hotel, but the only goal I had was a bunch of painkillers to make the pain in my hand subside. I was facing a whole week without a 69 EYES gig and there was only one gig left, I didn’t even want to think about it. But I was lucky, a band from Helsinki came to Munich and saved me.

Saturday, November 23rd 2019 - Kulttempel Oberhausen

Big thanks to everyone I met in Oberhausen, all the people from Russia, the Netherlands and Germany! How it was? You can read it here:

After the show I chatted a bit with LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, marvelling at the fact that they didn’t catch lots of sleep since their van broke down the day before and still played an energetic show and were ready to meet the fans as usual (Yes! As usual! They kept their promise and were at the merch every night!). Bazie and Timo were there as well, but I had to leave around midnight facing two hours driving at night. I decided to write a follow-up review to show you that THE 69 EYES could do a lot better than in Oberhausen, but I changed my mind, so here is what happened in Frankfurt.

prague IMG 2670

Sunday, November 24th 2019 - Zoom, Frankfurt

I only knew the old Batschkapp as a venue THE 69 EYES played in the past but this time, we were bound for Zoom and curious what the venue would be like. The first thing we realized was that somehow the tour bus had changed colour overnight but the trailer remained the same. Doors were not opened at the announced time and we all started freezing in the cold November night. Finally were allowed to walk inside, climbed the stairs and upstairs, I guessed that app. 400 people might fit in. The stage was rather small and the gig started really early with LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE. Whoever ran the fog-machine that night overdid completely and the stench at left reminded me of kerosene and a got a headache, a thing that rarely happens to me, even if the air in a venue is really, really bad.

frankfurt IMG 6081

It was hot and sticky and I really don‘t know how Julian could deliver so amazing vocals while roaming the stage like a Tornado in this air. Unfortunately the lights were either too dark or too bright or the strobes attacked our eyes, so you could hear LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE perfectly but hardly see them often. The crew had a nice surprise for Julian, instead of a micro he found a banana in the micro-stand. From the reaction if the crowd, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE seemed to be the headliner tonight, like in Munich. Coming to performance, music and sound it was the perfect gig, the lights were more or less a mess but I blocked that out and fully enjoyed the show. Like in 2005 LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE were the perfect “Support” in my books.

frankfurt IMG 6045frankfurt IMG 6074

They were the Co-headliner this time and together with WEDNESDAY13 they are my favourite openers during the 19 years I attend gigs of THE 69 EYES (who fully started over here as support of PARADISE LOST back in 2001 after playing Mer‘a Luna in 2000). Tonight Olli and Ilker often posed together for the fans and Julian often joined them, a thing that fans and photographers highly appreciated and my overall feeling was, that the guys had grown together and formed an even better LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE during this tour. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE thanked the fans for rocking with them and supporting them and thanked THE 69 EYES for having them one last time and I knew I would miss the 4 guys and their music a lot. They have won over a new member of the “rocknsadcrew”.

frankfurt IMG 6086frankfurt IMG 6213

The last 69 EYES gig of ‘West End Tour 2019’ was due. Show by show, Jyrki had become more relaxed and I was curious what the show would be like tonight. There are two ways a final gig of a tour can be like: a sheer blast like the one of BEAST IN BLACK on Monday or rather bad performance because everyone just wants to go home. THE 69 EYES seemed to have chosen the first option. Jussi’s drums were back on a platform and once more I felt those “Mötley Crüe” moments. Big thanks Jussi, I felt a lot younger for a few seconds. I lost count of how many times Timo-Timo jumped and turned on stage and I still ask myself how on earth a person can play guitar and jump or turn and look incredibly cool at the same time. The only thing I would manage would be to break my neck while trying this.

frankfurt IMG 6035frankfurt IMG 6040

We had an amazing show and Zoom was one big party, I will spare you Jyrki’s speech and one last time we were asked if we wanted to rock. ‘The Lost Boys’ marked the end of this tour. It was the last of THE 69 EYES for me after 14 shows this year in Europe and the USA. I always enjoyed the shows but Frankfurt let a kind of bitter taste in my mouth, especially that THE 69 EYES did not thank LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE for their support during the last two gigs and that the club closed soon after the gig, the lights had been so bad for LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE and the stench of the fog-machine was stuck in my clothes. Both bands delivered a good performance, but somehow in the wrong place, Zoom will definitely never see me again.

prague IMG 2525

Final words

‘West End Tour 2019’ is over for me and I congratulate everyone who has a ticket for THE 69 EYES gigs in the USA, Russia or South America. THE 69 EYES are at their best at the moment and great things are lying ahead. I hope they will keep their promise and come back to Germany in 2020. After this tour, I can say that I cannot get an overdose of THE 69 EYES and probably never will and I learned, that there are venues in Germany, that I will never visit again, no matter which band will be on stage. Time to take a longer break and focus an all the bands that will be in Munich or Helsinki for the rest of 2019 and all the bands coming to Munich, Nuremberg and Wacken in 2020.

helsinki 2

Big Thanks to all my friends and family for their support on the road, to my Switzerland Vampire for everything and to Starbucks for endless amounts of vegan Matcha-Latte and Coffee. No thanks to Deutsche Bahn, I wanted to buy a seat and not a whole train. Big thanks to LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE who made us smile so often and made sure we always were perfectly warmed up on cold November nights after standing freezing in front of the club and to Julian, whose performance sometimes reminded me of the old HIM days. Big thanks also to the girls at the merch, who always made us smile no matter how busy they had been all day and who made sure that my bag always were fuller on my way back home, while my bank account demanded for a jackpot of the lottery.

helsinki P1110473helsinki P1090766

A very big thanks to the crew, I still marvel at how fast you could load all the stuff in “Tetris-style” into the trailer. Thank you for making sure that the stage was ready every night and for all the setlists and guitar-picks who made many peoples day. The biggest thanks goes to Bazie for writing all the music, the amazing guitar solos and being ready to meet the fans every night after the show. Big thanks to Archie and Timo-Timo for making me rock and creating endless smiles in our faces, Jussi for giving us the beat and creating happy memories of the old MÖTLEY CRÜE days in my mind and finally to Jyrki for the vocals, the lyrics and dancing with us every night.

All pictures by Munich Vampire

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