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Lacrimas ProfundereBackstage, Munich, Germany
16th September 2022
Lacrimas Profundere - “How To Shroud Yourself With Night Tour 2022” - Support: Infected Rain, Cold Rush

German Gothic Metal band Lacrimas Profundere announced new music via their social media accounts for April / May 2022 as well as a headliner tour with gigs in Germany and Austria. Back in 2019 they proved to be more like a co-headliner when they hit the road with THE 69 EYES and played energetic and dedicated sets every night and played several solo shows during the pandemic era in several clubs in Germany.

Cold Rush

COLD RUSH are a Munich based band that took a larger break in the past. Now the band was revived and plays a mix of Industrial-Electro-Metal. The band obviously has many dedicated fans in the Munich area who gathered early in the front the stage to get the best spot. Since the bass and the drums drowned most of the vocals I decided to leave the HALLE for a while and bumped into many LACRIMAS fans, who had the same intention.

Infected Rain

Infected Rain are a Nu Metal band from Moldova. Many people wearing the band’s shirts streamed into the hall as soon as COLD RUSH had ended while the crew got the stage ready more and more people arrived and it was hard to get a spot in the front. There was no crash barrier tonight, meaning no media pit for the photographers. INFECTED RAIN hit the stage and got a grip on the crowd immediately. Unfortunately they had chosen a mix of fog and stroboscopic lights for the opening part of their show. The combination of headbangers in the front and tricky lights led to the result, that there were no high quality pictured of the bands performance possible. The bands performance was flawless and if you like Nu Metal, you’d have had a sore neck after all the headbanging. Still, I had the impression, that there were two separate concerts tonight, for many left HALLE after Infected Rain finished, to be replaced by people had come for LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE.

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Lacrimas Profundere

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE are a German Gothic-Metal band founded in 1993 focussing on Death Doom-Metal, then developed to Gothic Metal and then changed more to the direction of Gothic Rock. The line-up changed several times over the years and in August 2022 the band released their new album ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’ before embarking on a headliner tour in Germany and Austria. /

Music and Performance
I was kind of relieved, when Lacrimas Profundere finally hit the stage. Not being a fan of endless special guest and support performances, I was glad that the hall was pretty packed and many familiar faces were in the crowd. The fantastic thing about the LACRIMAS crowd is, that people are always willing to let you move with the camera and take a picture of their favorite band or the rocking crowd, so the lack of a media pit had no negative effect on the photographers work tonight.

lacrimasprofundere by MunichVampire06

As soon as the band got on stage, the fans cheered and welcomed LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, the crowd, all clad in black rocked out from the first tune. BACKSTAGE is more or less the bands Homecave and so the sound was superb, so were the lights. The band had brought vertical fog cannons that added a lot to the atmosphere and since the bands crew knew how to handle the location, the band always remained visible, no matter how often the fog machines were used. Since Julian joined the band a few years ago, the shows became a lot mor energetic and there are plenty of options for the fans to become part of the show, like joining a sea of waving hands or starting a shouting contest with Julian, who always demands “louder”. Dominic had a demanding job, as the energy and tempo level remained pretty high during the show, but he obviously didn’t mind.

lacrimasprofundere by MunichVampire15

Ilker Ersin, who is now a member of the band adds a lot to the Metal side of the band and his picking style gives the bass lines of the older songs a new and spectacular heaviness, while Oli always knows, when it’s time for a guitar solo, offering Julian the chance to catch some breath. Julian must have brought several suitcases from Helsinki, for he more or less kept changing his outfit or jackets permanently. Julian was obviously thrilled to be back on tour and confessed, that he sometimes is so much into his performance, that he doesn’t stick to the setlist. But LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE would not be LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, if they can’t handle a mix up and just play the song their vocalist is performing right now, the band got so tight since the last lineup-change, that it seems almost impossible that any incident could shake the band severely.

lacrimasprofundere by MunichVampire24

I had done some research before I went to the show, regarding the setlist, since I was curious how the band would mix the material from almost three decades with the new heavier style and when I compared the stuff I’d found with the songs that were performed tonight, I got to the result, that the setlist had been shortened, I guess it was due to the fact, that extensive support band shows and the fact that a further event was scheduled for tonight led to this, but the band made the best of it playing a mix of songs from their current and last release as well as some highlights from the bands earlier days. As soon as LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE left the stage, the fans demanded the encore and the band had a firework of songs ready for Munich. Joining the crowd for the last song for tonight, Julian proved, that he cannot only handle a crowd from upstage but also from the pit.

lacrimasprofundere by MunichVampire16

A perfect show had taken place in Munich tonight. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year, so there is hope for more live shows for sure.

01. To Disappear In You
02. Her Occasion of Sin
03. Celestite Woman
04. Like Screams in Empty Halls
05. A Cloak Woven of Stars
06. My Release in Pain
07. The Kingdom Solicitude
08. Rememberance Song
09. Awake
10. The Letter
11. Mother of Doom
12. My Velvet Little Darkness
13. An Invisible Beginning
14. Dead to Me
15. Unseen
16. Ave End
17. Father of Fate

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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All Pictures by Munich Vampire

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