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depechemode29NSC Olimpiyskiy, Kiev, Ukraine
19th July 2017
Depeche Mode & Maya Jane Coles - REVOLUTION IS HERE

The general excitement prevailed before the concert of DEPECHEMODE in Kiev on July 19th - everyone was worried that the concert may not take place, because on the eve of July 17, the concert of the band in Minsk was cancelled several hours before the start because of the hospitalization of vocalist Dave Gahan - he was taken to a local hospital with a sharp intestinal disorder. But for the great joy of thousands of fans, the band successfully flocked to Kiev, and the organizers announced that everything is in order and the concert will necessarily take place. This is the third visit of the legendary Britons to Ukraine, this time as part of their Global Spirit Tour.


The British-Japanese DJ and producer, the young star of electronic music, Maya Jane Coles, performed as a special guest on Kiev DM show, with her energetic DJ-set. During the Global Spirit Tour 2017 DM are once again conducting their charity work with the manufacturer of Swiss watches - Hublot, collecting money and drawing attention to the Charity: Water. His goal is a delivery of safe drinking water to everyone who needs it in the world. Therefore, the performance of band began with video about the supply of water to the poorly populated regions of the world.


Sitting in the stands I could see that people are still slowly pulled into the stadium, although already the first songs were played, ‘Going Backwards’, ‘So much love’ and ‘Barrel of a gun’. As it turned out, there were unexpected technical reasons which delayed the start of the security checks. In connection with the delay, the doors opened for visitors one hour later. The technical difficulties, the human factor, and the large number of fraudsters enriched in selling tickets with invalid bar codes, delayed the passing of visitors, however, according to official information from event organizers, at the start of the third track of DEPECHE MODE (about 21:15) all people had finally entered the stadium. Regarding the performance of DEPECHE MODE it is safe to say that everything went summit: great quality of sound, special effects, hypnotizing visuals, professionalism and 100% productivity of the musicians. Dave has a unique talent to bring thousands of people to dance with him during performing songs. This is a wonderful sight, seeing how thousands of hands sway from one side to the other in tune with the music or how thousands of lights shine for Martin's romantic song ‘Somebody’.


During the performance of ‘Where's the Revolution’, the Kiev fans made a small flash mob and raised white letters with the words "Revolution is here", what is very symbolical and truthful in the number of all that we had to experience in our country over the past couple of years. Such hits as ‘Walking In My Shoes’, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, ‘Wrong’, ‘Stripped’ undermined the stadium, leaving no one indifferent! Tribunes and fan zones constantly danced and sang. When Dave did his usual tricks with a microphone stand, it reminded me somehow of QUEEN’s performances and energetic dances of Freddie Mercury. No wonder these frontmen are listed in the best in the history of rock and roll. In fact, you can only envy Dave’s energy, charisma, and vitality, taking into account his age, 55 years. As a final titbit, DM performed their cult-favourite song ‘Personal Jesus’. The European part of the band's tour ended on July 23 in the Romanian city Cluj-Napoca, incidentally, on the Birthday of Martin Gore, to whom Romanian fans presented of course many sweets and gifts.


Further, the Global Spirit Tour will continue its course in North and South America. This is the 18th tour of the band and the first live performance by the musicians for more than three years. The latest tour “Delta Machine Tour” has attracted more than 2.5 million fans across all over Europe and North America and became one of the largest and most casual tours of 2013.

Intro: Revolution (The Beatles song) (Song played from tape)
Intro: Cover Me (remix) (instrumental video intro)
01. Going Backwards
02. So Much Love
03. Barrel of a Gun (with Grandmaster Flash - 'The Message' snippet)
04. A Pain That I'm Used To ('Jacques Lu Cont's remix' version)
05. Corrupt
06. In Your Room
07. World in My Eyes
08. Cover Me
09. A Question of Lust (acoustic)
10. Home
11. Poison Heart
12. Where's the Revolution
13. Wrong
14. Everything Counts
15. Stripped
16. Enjoy the Silence
17. Never Let Me Down Again
18. Somebody
19. Walking in My Shoes
20. Heroes (David Bowie cover)
21. I Feel You
22. Personal Jesus

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