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Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
24th November 2005
Epica, Flowing Tears, Xystus

Some concerts may have to start with a disaster and problems to turn out into a fantastic and great show. The part of the Kulturfabrik where the bands should play has a volume for 300 people, but only 83 tickets have been bought in advance booking offices. On that day, “Epica” came from Potsdam with a delay of 7 hours, because of the bad weather situation. So there wasn’t really time for anything and after the concert they still wanted to start the trip to Milan where they should play on the next day. So everything was in a hurry. The club with the small stage and with the little crowd made me feel like being in the band’s rehearsal room somehow. But also a small crowd (and there were also many Dutch Fans) can make a lot of noise and create a great atmosphere.


The young Metal band from Holland kicks off the show. Good music has nothing to do with age; these guys had shown that the Heavy Metal offspring is saved!

“Xystus” are playing Power metal but with many different and interesting arrangements. I was wondering if they are movie fans, because during one song you could hear this typical melody of the “Psycho” movies. Even though also the sound was like in a rehearsal room, but they played guitar solos at its best. It has been this kind of solos - even though it seems to be already endless - you never want to end and hope it will go on for hours. Singer Bas has a voice like the “big ones” and it’s simply amazing. The last song started with a slowly keyboard part but then it just turns into another great catchy metal song.

“Xystus” played just 20 minutes, but there was always movement on stage. It didn’t take long that they dragged along the audience with them. The small stage didn’t keep them from walking around, banging their heads and transfer their joy while playing to the audience. They are playing with a lot of enthusiasm and it’s really hard to stand still and don’t move. The set was much too short, but hopefully they will return to Germany very soon.

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 5
Light: 6
Total: 7 (7.4)

Flowing Tears

The German Gothic metal band interrupted their writing and recording for a new album to be the second support for “Epica”. Shame on me, I always thought they are a Dutch band as well. The reason could be, because their name mostly falls together with bands like “Epica”, “Within Temptation” or “Autumn”.

The band plays Gothic metal with great melodies. If you are a fan of “Lacuna Coil” you will also like Flowing Tears. Helen Vogt replaced Stephanie Duchene on vocals and it seems that she has always be part of the band. A deep female voice is still their trademark. There’s no doubt, “Flowing Tears” have found a fantastic mixture of great metal sound and wonderful gothic melodies. You simply get blown away by Helen’s dark angelic voice and the discrete melodies with the thick heavy backdrop.

In the meantime the ventilators were turned on, so everyone on stage had enough fresh air, which was really needed. Helen doesn’t have to encourage the people; the band has got a warm welcome at once and everybody was clapping hands right from the start. Also during the set of “Flowing Tears” there was always movement on stage. Helen was the one who was speaking to the people between the songs. “Krefeld scream for me” or “We have been with Samuel on tour, where the people have been great to us, I know you’ll be like them, too”. She was amazed, that – even though the club was so small and not so many people have been there – there was such a good mood. Helen’s temperament reminded me of Doro Pesch and she has also such a rough voice when she speaks. Before they played the wonderful “Undying”, Helen wanted to show everyone the proof that our today’s youth is not only listening to bad music. She was pleasing a boy on stage, which was about 12 years old, dressed in black, black coloured hair and rivet bounds on.

02. Serpentine
03. Swallow
04. Unspoken
05. Starfish Ride
06. Believe
07. Sistersun
09. Merlin
10. Viargo

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 5
Light: 6
Total: 7 (6.95)


“Epica” are maybe not as famous as “Within Temptation” yet, but they are on the best way. For the band it was a special evening. It was their 200th show and the fans wanted to let them know, that they thought of that. As “Epica” entered the stage, fans gave them a cake with a burning “200” candle on it. The party could begin!

The sound was at its best when it was Epica’s turn. They kept on playing their heavier songs during this evening. Guitarist Mark introduced “Quietus” as the one for the head bangers. The also introduced “Linger” which is a bonus track on the 2nd single “Quietus” out of the recent album “The Score”. This song was the first quiet song on this evening. It was just Simone on vocals and Coen on the keyboard. Simone’s voice was pure ear candy while Mark was singing, screaming and shouting to the fans so much more evil than he looks like. The songs out of the album “Consign to Oblivion” are somehow more cinematic and theatrically with great choirs. Epic bombast so to say. “Epica” link metal power to spherical arrangements.

Six people on stage and still not more place, but it never looked like that someone is standing in the way of another. It was the same harmonic picture like during the other performances, when they were all head banging. Simone seemed to be shy and kept back during the first songs. After “Quietus” she wanted to say something and not only sing. She thanked everybody for coming and told us that this was their 200th show. Simone was a little bit sad, that this show was in Germany and not in Holland and then she still got more chocolate! But there was no time for sadness and she saw that also German fans could celebrate the fans and their music together with a lot of Dutch fans coming over to Krefeld. The band enjoyed all the enthusiastic reactions of the crowd. Mark just couldn’t believe when they wanted to leave the stage that people still wanted more. “We played now 200 shows and you still want more”? – “Yes!” Mark had to admit: “I love Germany”. Well, Germany loves “Epica” as well. The band just still needs to be recognized from much, much more people. While “Epica” played the great “Consign To Oblivion” as encore, Simone left the stage, but came back for the last part of the song. “Epica” showed once again that they were a real headliner with amazing energy.

1. Hunab K'u
2. Mother Of Light
3. The Last Crusade
4. Sensorium
5. Quietus
6. Illusive Consensus
7. Cry For The Moon
8. Linger
9. Black Infinity
10.Seif Al Din
11.Facade Of Reality
12.The Phantom Agony
13. Consign To Oblivion

Music 9
Performance 8
Light 7
Sound 7
Total: 8 (8.1)

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