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lai momente
Artist: L’Âme Immortelle
Title: Momente
Genre: Gothic Metal / Electronic
Release Date: 27th January 2012
Label: Trisol

Album Review

It is quite unusual when the band, which got used to release albums regularly, suddenly keeps silence for longer time. With their silence L’AME IMMORTELLE fed a lot of rumours that band is about to quit. Finally in the middle of October on the Facebook page of Thomas Rainer, the first news popped up: The new album is almost finished. After the official confirmation about the release, there was told a lot about the conflict between musicians, about crisis and other problems inside the band. Musicians decided to take a rest from each other and when they’ve met again, magic worked. They’ve been spending time in studio together with the producer Patrick Damiani, which could be familiar to you by his work with ROME. The main condition of the work process was to keep calm and finish the work without any stress.

On 27th January, when winter finally took its frosty right to rule, we had a chance to listen to the brand new album of L’ÂME IMMORTELLE. With this record band was supposed to go back to its roots and discover its sound over new again. Musicians really did return to almost completely electronic sound. Live band hadn’t taken part on the album. But it doesn’t mean that there is no acoustic part at all. And what is quite remarkable all the actual instruments were taken live. So the drums, guitars, as well as piano and strings were really in studio.

‘Momente’ is opened by a poem of Théodore de Banville ‘L’Étang Mâlo’. His poem inspired once young Thomas to call his band L’ÂME IMMORTELLE. And since the album is one of the most important works in band’s discography, not just musically, but also because of the whole history behind it, the choice of the intro is clear. In general album sounds really calm and quiet. The main themes for lyrics are still the same; it’s all about love, haunting past, lost and loneliness. There are just a couple of outstanding tracks, like ‘Demon Be Gone’, the first single ‘Banish’, which is supposed to be a club hit, and aggressive pure Thomas like track ‘Dort Draußen’.

For ‘Wie Tränen im Regen’, the video clip was shot. Musicians came to Rome, Italy. One of the most popular, romantic and busy cities in the world should become a scene for the tragedy of a person, who stays alone even in the overcrowded city. In spite of the release of the new album, the tour isn’t planed yet. Sonja stays with her new band COMA DIVINE and goes for the tour with Oswald Henke. Thomas has his solo project NACHTMAHR. Even if ‘Momente’ is the big achievement for the duo, with this album they confirmed their legendary status on gothic-scene, and the great hope and relief for fans, their beloved band is still alive and able to make high class music, still the reaction on the album was is somehow quiet, just like the album itself. A melancholic calm event.


01.L'Étang Mälo
02.No Goodbye
04.Wie Tränen Im Regen
06.Demon Be Gone
07.The Heart
09.Why Can't I Make You Feel
10.Dort Draußen
11.Hold Me


Sonja Kraushofer
Thomas Rainer


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lai momente


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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