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orph poemsforkui
Artist: Orph
Title: Poems For Kui
Genre: Pop / Punk / Tropic
Release Date: 18th May 2012
Label: DevilDuck Records

Album Review

The German ORPH five years after their formation and with their debut album, ‘Poems For Kui’, have managed to climb rapidly into the peaks of Pop. By dedicating it to Kui, the legendary Chinese hero who invented music and dance, the band sets forth a voyage which at the same time is lyrical and otherworldly. The band has written some wonderful lyrics that distance them from the typical Pop band you might have in mind. They manage to balance somewhat straightforward lyrics of let’s say ‘Birth & Requiem’ with the poetically elliptic vision into the reality of ‘Rote See Dein Herz’ (Red Sea Your Heart). And yet, the band also creates this peculiar atmosphere which at times sounds familiar but is unexpected, that is if you go by the genre label. It is something that brings them closer to or shows the eclectic affinities of ORPH with bands such as TANGERINE DREAM.

The opening ‘Lovesong For Kui’ creates a dreamy atmosphere that not only refuses to abandon the CD but is dominant throughout as if we were referring to it in terms of character. The voyage “in the Land of O” (as the promo info says) is evidently one that is destined to remove some of the worn-out facets of the world and to push the listener to a gentle rediscovery of life. If you’re looking for a band that will make you jump into the dance-floor you’ll not find it here. What you’ll find though is music for cloudy Sundays and reflective moments. I suppose Lautreamont’s “Maldoror” shall be an exquisite read whilst you’re listening to their album.


01. Lovesong for Kui
02. Von Sonnentau Und Morgenröte
03. Eight Hundred Miles
04. The King’s Garden
05. Der Sprechende Berg
06. Morgue – Die Unbekannte Aus Der Seine
07. Mistake
08. A True Story Of Collapsing
09. Rote See Dein Herz
10. Birth & Requiem
11. White Mountain
12. Laura
13. The Cassiopeian Seasong
14. Sprung In Die Wolken
15. Kasra Mun


Marco De Haunt - Vocals / Guitar
Hendrik Winter - Guitar / Vocals / Organ
Wieland Jubelt - Drums / Chime
Cornelius Vom Milchwald - Bass

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orph poemsforkui


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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