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KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 007Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
4th May 2014
KoRn, Hacktivist, Black-bone

With impressive quotes such as “The Paradigm Shift will be remembered as KoRn's best album since 'Follow The Leader' (1998) and the rock record of 2013. It's their time again." (Artist Direct) and "Their happy reunion with founding guitarist Brian Head Welch has led to their best album in a decade" (Revolver), alternative metal band KORN will hit the stage again to promote their latest album ‘The Paradigm Shift’. With the return of Brian “Head” Welch, KORN returns to its original line-up. The band has been around for over 20 years now, their career seriously taking off in the nineties with the albums ‘Freak on a Leash’ and ‘Here to Stay’. Their recent albums are heavily influenced by electronic sounds, as heard on their last albums ‘Path of totality’ and ‘The paradigm shift’. Tonight’s show at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven is part of the European “The Paradigm Shift Tour”. Expectations are high!


BLACK-BONE is a young Dutch band that brings old school hard rock influenced by MOTÖRHEAD, GUNS 'N ROSES and AC/DC. They present their style as “No Bullshit Rock ‘n Roll” and with this attitude the band already has compiled a pretty impressive list of concerts to look back at. Playing at big venues and festivals such as GelreDome, Heineken Music Hall, 013, Paradiso, Melkweg, Zwarte Cross, Bospop, Paaspop and Speedfest and supporting bands like DEEP PURPLE, SATUS QUO, SLASH and VOLBEAT, the appreciation of this band is clearly shown. BLACKBONE is Steef (guitar / vocals), Sven (bass / backing vocals) and Jules (drums). /

Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 003Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 002Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 001

Music & Performance
Despite the early hour and a half empty Klokgebouw, BLACK-BONE enters the stage as if the venue is sold out and the beer has been flowing richly. This energy seems to have its effect as the audience responds positively to vocalist Steef’s enthusiastic presentation. BLACK-BONE brings raw rock music that reminds me somewhat of PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, but in a more slow motion tempo. Technically their live presentation could use a little adjustment here and there, especially the balance between drums and bass. The band announces that a new album will be released later this year and they play amongst others ‘Enemy’ from the upcoming production. The band sounds more mature than they look, with thanks to the pleasant rock vocals of their front man.

Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 004Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 005

Their musical style doesn’t really fit the profile of the kind of band that I would expect as support for KORN but all in all they do a nice job at warming up the venue. Slowly but steadily the Klokgebouw fills up and the audience is nodding meekly along with the songs that BLACK BONE presents – I’ve seen differently with the overall quite indifferent Dutch audience.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 6.8 / 10

Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 006Black-BoneKlokgebouw 2014 007


HACKTIVIST are a five piece progressive metal/ rap metal band from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK. The band was formed in 2011 by guitarist/ vocalist/ producer Timfy James and rapper J Hurley after Timfy's departure from his previous band HEART OF A CoOWARD. HACKTIVIST is known for their distinctive controversial style, blending elements associated with the Djent and Nu-metal movements with grime and alternative Hip-Hop. They are noted for using 8 string guitars and six-string basses to achieve an extremely low tuned, distorted and dark sound similar to bands from the Djent movement, as well as ambient passages and a "wall of sound" production style.

HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 001HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 002

Their vocals are primarily rapping with occasional clean vocals here and there. Their lyrics are influenced by politics with subjects such as anarchism, conspiracy theories, government corruption, anti-gun violence, unity against oppression and other social and economic issues. HACKTIVIST is J Hurley (vocals), Ben Marvin (vocals), Timfy James (guitar / electronics / vocals), Josh Gurner (bass) and Rich Hawking (drums). /

Music & Performance
Progressive metal/ rap formation HACKTIVIST doesn’t leave much room for hesitation: they blow away the audience as they take off with airtight drums supported by an incredible bass sound. Now this is a band that fit’s more as a support act for today. Musically their sound reminds me of ANIMALS AS LEADERS meets POD meets LINKIN PARK. J Hurley and Ben Marvin jump, bounce and run across the stage reinforcing each other’s vocals.

HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 006HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 007

HACKTIVIST proves that rap and metal can be a pretty productive and brutal combination. Meanwhile, Klokgebouw fills up but it seems that many visitors are strictly coming out to see headliner KORN. HACKTIVIST does a great job however at getting the first feet on the move.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10

HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 003HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 004HacktivistKlokgebouw 2014 005


The members of KORN built an immortal bond back in 1993 the first time that Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, and Brian "Head" Welch decided to make music as a unit. They shed blood, sweat, and tears in the studio and on stage, fashioning an undeniable, unsettling, and unique sound that would permanently alter the course of rock music. After six seminal releases, two Grammy Award wins, countless sold out shows, and eventually selling 35 million albums worldwide, Head left the group in 2004 to face down the demons of addiction on his own. KORN soldiered on, permanently adding drummer Ray Luzier to the fold in 2007and releasing four more full-length releases, most recently 2011's ground-breaking Dubstep-Metal hybrid ‘The Path of Totality’. In 2012, a triumphant and tear-filled reunion happened on stage as the group headlined the Carolina Rebellion festival with Head reprising his legendary part on ‘Blind’. The initial bond came back into focus, but it was time to change the game again. It was time for their eleventh studio album ‘The Paradigm Shift’. Recorded with producer Don Gilmore [LINKIN PARK], it melds the group's ever-present spirit of innovation with their signature metallic catharsis, paving the way for the future yet again. KORN is Jonathan Davis (vocals), James Shaffer (guitar), Brian Welch (guitar), Reginald Arvizu (bass) and Ray Luzier (drums). /

KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 003KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 004KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 005

Music & Performance
The first notes of ‘Falling away from me’ sounds, the curtain falls and KORN takes off with a golden oldie instead of a song from their newest production. Good choice, since most of the audience know this song and start to get a move on. There is so much to see on stage that I hardly dare blink. A huge backdrop with TV & media related pictures and logo’s, Ray’s impressive drum kit and four charismatic individuals moving around in front of the stage. Time flies if you’re having’ fun and with super short ‘Twist’ as a 2nd song – our three song photography allowance was over before we knew it. For me the show continued from the back of the Klokgebouw with a cold beer and an excellent view at the stage. KORN continues with ‘Love & Meth’ from their latest album ‘The Paradigm Shift’, followed by the single ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ of their second last album ‘The Path Of Totality’. The old team back together fits like a glove on stage and their show is technically rock solid. Munky, Fieldy and Head give away a little show of their own while Jonathan takes ‘The Bitch’ for a spin at the centre of the stage, with a little oxygen in between songs.

KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 001KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 002

At times I almost forget (and maybe miss a little) the obscure KORN sound from back in the days and their show suddenly feels like a mainstream rock show with Jonathan encouraging the crowd to do as he commands. But be not mistaken: their sound is brutal as before, but has gone through a growth process of its own. Something I deeply respect, as many bands tend to stick to what they know or simply prolong to their success formula. Missing the old is just nostalgia and though I intensely enjoy the old songs like ‘Blind’, ‘Clown’ and ‘Freak on a Leash’ you’ll never hear me say that the old KORN was better. I do feel that their live performance adds a lot to the last albums, perhaps it’s just the energy, but the balance between electronic influences and their live guitar and drum sounds just comes more to life on stage, for example with their SKRILLEX collaboration on ‘Get Up’. And then it’s time for the bagpipe with ‘Shoots and Ladders’ from KORN’s debut album, received with loud cheers from the crowd. Klokgebouw doesn’t seem to be sold out, but the crowd that did got that ticket is determined to make the most of this only NL show of KORN on this European tour.

KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 008KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 009

After a good hour, KORN plays classic ‘Freak on a Leash’ and leaves the stage. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much convincing to get them back on stage for three more songs – all oldies from back in the days. The band as well as the audience seemed to have a great time and there is no doubt that this band still stands their ground! Over the years KORN kept experimenting with different styles and sounds, pushing their boundaries but always delivering explosive nu metal with a very distinctive sound. Keep it up!

01. Falling Away from Me 
02. Twist 
03. Got the Life 
04. Love & Meth 
05. Narcissistic Cannibal 
06. Dead Bodies Everywhere 
07. Spike in My Veins 
08. Get Up! 
09. Did My Time 
10. Shoots & Ladders / Somebody Someone 
11. Coming Undone 
12. Here to Stay 
13. Never Never 
14. Freak on a Leash 
15. Clown 
16. Helmet in the Bush 
17. Blind 

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 006KoRnKlokgebouw 2014 007

All pictures by Ruth Mampuys (

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