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YD5P0896Reithalle Strasse E, Dresden, Germany
26th March 2017
Children of Bodom & Support: Forever Still & ONI

Last weekend, CHILDREN OF BODOM visited Reithalle Strasse E in Dresden to celebrate the 20th band anniversary together with their fans. Most songs from the setlist were taken from the first two albums and they audience enjoyed the music. FOREVER STILL and ONI opened the evening and as always it was a great concert at Reithalle Strasse E. Sadly we have no pics from ONI for you since the band started half an hour earlier than announced. But we hope you enjoy the pics of FOREVER STILL and CHILDREN OF BODOM.

Forever Still

  • YD5P0680
  • YD5P0697
  • YD5P0702
  • YD5P0710
  • YD5P0716
  • YD5P0730
  • YD5P0740
  • YD5P0742
  • YD5P0747
  • YD5P0749 /

Children of Bodom

  • YD5P0799
  • YD5P0805
  • YD5P0811
  • YD5P0812
  • YD5P0823
  • YD5P0827
  • YD5P0836
  • YD5P0839
  • YD5P0844
  • YD5P0862
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  • YD5P0882
  • YD5P0884
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All pictures by Silvio Pfeifer Fotografie

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