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zeraphine09Airport, Werneuchen, Germany
1st July 2017
Shadowplay Fanclub Event 2017 with Solar Fake, Zeraphine, Adam is a Girl and Katanga

On the first day of July, an exclusive concert from the fan club of German musicians ZERAPHINE & SOLAR FAKE happened under the skies near Berlin. So, Germany, Berlin and Remaining Desires under the Skies of Berlin - Another exclusive Shadowplay Event – a Fan Club Concert 2017.

The excellent organization of the event by the team of the fan club and a non-standard place for the concert at- Werneuche Airport which had become a pleasant environment, took care for a friendly atmosphere. As support acts on that day, we had the two bands ADAM IS A GIRL and KATANGA. Despite the gloomy weather, under the arches of the hangar people all wearing black were in solar mood. There were two full-fledged concerts! It was a really amazing day! Different projects, different music, but the voice, lyrics and Sven are always on top!

Support acts Katanga and Adam is a Girl

  • 01_katanga01
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  • 01_katanga04
  • 02_adamisagirl01
  • 02_adamisagirl02
  • 02_adamisagirl03
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  • 02_adamisagirl05
  • 02_adamisagirl06


  • zeraphine01
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  • zeraphine08
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  • zeraphine25

Solar Fake

  • solarfake01
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  • solarfake03
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  • solarfake06
  • solarfake07
  • solarfake08
  • solarfake09
  • solarfake10
  • solarfake11
  • solarfake12
  • solarfake13
  • solarfake14
  • solarfake15
  • solarfake16
  • solarfake17
  • solarfake18
  • solarfake19
  • solarfake20

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All pictures by Anastasia Philippova

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