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DSC 5065Serdtse, Saint Petersburg, Russia
12th January 2018
Drab Majesty

Deb DeMure and his eternal companion Mona D again penetrated from their ethereal world into ours to endow the listener with their beautiful music. The talented guy Andrew Clinco (and his androgyny alter-ego, Deb DeMure) successfully and not-pattern mixes Post-Punk, Shoegaze, New Wave, Dark Wave and Gothic in his music, not forgetting also about the spectacular external filing and the confused lyrics.

Wielding a left-handed guitar, Deb employs a unique style of arpeggiated finger picking, producing a vast and organic musical textures reminiscent of the Vinny Reilly (Durutti Column) with the anthemic power of the SISTERS OF MERCY and COCTEAU TWINS. It's no surprise in a few years of its activity, in addition to releasing strong albums, the project has already managed to perform with such figures as PSYCHIC TV, THE FROZEN AUTUMN, CLAN OF XYMOX, YOUTH CODE, COLD CAVE and KING DUDE. An indispensable emphasis on the visual part of the performance, according to Deb, is the key to a holistic perception of the experience, which is going to the concert. DRAB MAJESTY’s manifesto to humanity was revealed: revel in the power of artistic influences that reside beyond the self.

DSC 5057

January of 2017 saw the release of Deb’s second album entitled ‘The Demonstration’, recorded by Josh Eustis (NIN, TELEFON TEL AVIV). With extensive worldwide touring to follow, DRAB MAJESTY will spread its message to new and grander audiences around the globe and stopped in Saint Petersburg a few days ago. Dark lipstick, black-resin-coloured eyes, a little bit of sparkles and black tears on the faces of the girls in the hall. They knew where they had come. This is a DRAB MAJESTY concert! Hi 80's, wigs and star boys! Cosmic sounds of interstellar spaces, dull silhouettes on stage... Along with smoke, music fills the hall... and suddenly we all become prisoners of strange dances... Yes, this is DRAB MAJESTY. Please enjoy our pictures!

  • DSC_5000
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  • DSC_5135
  • DSC_5142
  • DSC_5144

All pictures by Anastasia Filippova (

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