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RevolverheldLuxexpo The Box, Kirchberg, Luxembourg
8th September 2019

They belong undisputedly to the top of the German-speaking top artists, REVOLVERHELD. With their current album, ‘Zimmer mit Blick’, the sympathetic Hamburgers are going on tour again after a successful indoor tour and will present themselves to their loyal audience at selected shows in summer 2019.

In their luggage they not only had the hits of their fifth studio album like ‘Immer noch fühlen’ or ‘Liebe auf Distanz’, but also further milestones of their work à la ‘Halt dich an mir fest’, ‘Lass uns gehen’, ‘Spinner’ or ‘Ich lass für dich das Licht an’, to name only a small selection. That REVOLVERHELD are true friends of live concerts could be seen when that night in the Luxexpo. They were exuberant, in their best mood and with an incredible portion of humour they inspired their audience again and again. The band around Johannes Strate always had a lot of positive energy. After they played their concert, people went home with a good feeling.And when the band asked the audience to sing and to dance along, it didn’t matter what it looked like, as long as the audience had fun and they gave 100%. It showed the new and yet familiar spirit of a band that just loves to make music for themselves and the fans out there.

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01. So wie jetzt
02. Das kann uns keiner nehmen
03. Das Herz schlägt bis zum Hals
04. Immer in Bewegung
05. Ich werd’ die Welt verändern
06. Freunde bleiben
07. Bands deiner Jugend
08. Unsere Geschichte ist erzählt
09. Spinner
10. Sommer in Schweden
11. Halt dich an mir fest
12. Immer noch fühlen
13. Ich kann nicht aufhören unser Leben zu lieben
14. Denkmal (Wir sind Helden cover)
15. Ich werde nie erwachsen
16. Ich lass für dich das Licht an
17. Liebe auf Distanz
18. Lass uns gehen
19. Zimmer mit Blick

All Pictures by Elena Arens
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