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Wayne Hussey - Salad DazeKufa, Krefeld, Germany
3rd September 2019
Wayne Hussey - “Salad Daze” Acoustic Tour 2019 - Support: Ashton Nyte

WAYNE HUSSEY, frontman for UK Alternative Rock legend THE MISSION, has announced a large chain of European tour dates with alternative rocker Ashton Nyte of Gothic Rock act THE AWAKENING, stopping on 3rd September in Krefeld. Hussey is touring in support of his long-awaited ‘Salad Daze’ autobiography, out now via Omnibus Press. Ashton Nyte’s tour appearance follow up the release of THE AWAKENING’s new music video for ‘About You’, featured on their new ‘Chasm’ album. Nyte first performed with Hussey in South Africa in 2015 and then supported THE MISSION for 17 shows across Europe in 2016 with THE AWAKENING. The “Salad Daze Tour” is allowing both artists to perform solo in a more intimate setting.

Ashton Nyte

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Wayne Hussey

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