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Wayne Hussey - Salad DazeMonkey’s Music Club, Hamburg, Germany
14th September 2019
Wayne Hussey - “Salad Daze” Tour 2019 - Special guest: Ashton Nyte (The Awakening)

The “Salad Daze” tour that started on 3rd September in Krefeld took WAYNE HUSSEY and ASHTON NYTE on 14th September finally to Hamburg. What was supposed to be a great night with two exceptional artists and voices turned out, let’s say, different than expected…

Ashton Nyte

ASHTON NYTE, formerly from South Africa, also known from his band THE AWAKENING and several collaborations with artists like Mark Gemini Thwaite (also known as MGT) or BEAUTY IN CHAOS, is, though his visits to Europe have been rare so far, well-known with his songs, especially ‘Dark Romantics’ might be a tune you’ve heard before. He is supporting WAYNE HUSSEY on the extended European tour presenting songs from his solo as well as band project’s songs. /


Music & Performance
A cosy venue with a bar, a pretty small stage, guitars and the voice - that is what is sometimes just perfect for a great gig. At least for the first one. Ashton absolutely enchanted the audience with his guitar play and deep, magical voice and relaxed attitude. The first song, taken from the new THE AWAKENING album ‘Chasm’ is also on the album in a minimalistic, acoustic guitar, yet very intense version that Ashton presented in an even more emotional way live in a very intimate atmosphere of the Monkey’s Music Club. An absolute highlight in this setting was the song ‘Indian Summer Rain’. It seems to be written for being sung and played around a fireplace though the original version is much heavier with e-guitars and much more instruments in general. But even in an alternative club, the melody gets stuck into your head immediately and invites the audience to dream and sing along.


Ashton creates a very personal, warm atmosphere when addressing to the audience in between the songs. Being “one of the two” people who reacted enthusiastic to the announcement of one of the most popular songs ‘Dark Romantics’, as Ashton commented jokingly, I really enjoyed that one. And seriously, I was not the only one. ‘Dark Romantics’ is for me one of those Goth hymns that will be around forever. With ‘Shadows In The Dark’ Ashton finished his set to a very warm and enthusiastic applause of the audience. A perfect start of the night.

01. Other Ghosts
02. Upon The Water
03. About You
04. Jennifer
05. Indian Summer Rain
06. Amethyst
07. Back To Wonderland
08. Sound Of Silence
09. Dark Romantics
10. Shadows In The Dark

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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Wayne Hussey

WAYNE HUSSEY does not need an introduction to the most people reading this - member of the legendary THE MISSION, contributed in the 80ies to the SISTERS OF MERCY and so much more. You will know his songs, even if you don’t know that he is the author & composer. /

Music & Performance
WAYNE HUSSEY entered the stage a few moments after Ashton left. A few less guitars, but still many on stage. In one hand the half-emptied bottle of red wine, he sat down, took the guitar and occupied the venue with his warm, very unique voice and the catchy melodies immediately. Even without knowing all of the songs before, he made the start of the evening so good and enjoyable.


The audience paid tribute, enjoyed every song of the show that was partly a wish concert and gave a lot of attention and applause. Wayne told us stories in between of the songs, was communicative and seemed in a good mood. The first hour of the concert felt just amazing and be it that way until the end, this performance would get a straight 10/10 from me. But something changed. While Wayne was trying to play one or another wished song on the stage piano, but he didn’t manage to play 3-4 songs longer than for a minute maybe. And suddenly he just stopped, throw over the mic stand, left the piano, got back to the guitar. Tried to play something there, and then he started blaming the sound guy on the sound. While I don’t question that his in-ear sound could have been really bad at the moment - I just don’t have any prove - the reaction was over the top. After a few moments of cursing, almost throwing the guitar on the ground as well, he just left the stage and disappeared backstage leaving a wondering audience behind.


After hundreds of concerts I’ve been to, that was the first time I saw someone react to technical problems like this. After 10 - 15 minutes he finally came back, played some more songs without talking in between anymore and left the stage. The end was so much confusing. I had now a few days before I started writing on that concert. If I’ve done it immediately, my words would be even more disappointed. I know that other gigs have been way better, but there were also other gigs where this mood already showed up. I also have seen WAYNE HUSSEY live at NCN just a few days ago and honestly loved the performance. To be fair, he posted on social media a bit later on that evening and I felt like he got what he did wrong. But for those who only went to that one gig, the atmosphere was totally destroyed. I’ve talked to a bunch of different people about that evening. While myself I understand that tour life can be really demanding and exhaustion is a very human feeling, especially musicians who tour a lot reacted absolutely without understanding to this reaction.


I wish I had another evening to write about how beautiful ‘Marian’ and all the other songs were, well, they still were at least in the first part, as far as they were played complete, but the evening I am writing here about is Hamburg and so, the review of the night. Wishing everyone, especially Wayne and his fellows, a great tour that is continuing through many more places with a final gig in Nuremberg on 16th October.

Music: 9
Performance: 3
Light: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 6.8 / 10

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All Pictures by Nastja Iz

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