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faderhead better
Artist: Faderhead
Song: Better (feat. Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost)
Format: Single
Length: 5:10 min
Label: Not A Robot Records

FADERHEAD just released a new single. Just some info in his own words: “Sometimes you have to do things differently.

I know that most of my listeners always want me to release another club hit. And that would be the easy thing to do. But for some reason the muse or the universe or fate or my heart wanted me to do something else. And for some reason the song ‘Better’ just appeared and stuck around - despite all my efforts to make and release other music. At some point I figured that it’s futile to fight against the universe and I asked my friend Chris Harms (of LORD OF THE LOST) if he would sing with me on ‘Better’. He said yes within 3 minutes of getting my email.

‘Better’ is a ballad. With guitars. And orchestral brass. And an 808 bass. It’s not what’s expected of me, but it’s what was necessary. It’s a song about looking at yourself in the world. Not just at the world independently of ourselves. At times life seems like a fade to black: so slow it can only be seen when thinking about days with brighter outlooks in the past.

I think most people can relate to this right now. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s words “What is the goal of life, it is to create yourself a soul!” accompanied me when I reflected on this. Being the creator of my soul shifts my focus to what I can touch and influence. Instead of just withering away through our life, the fade to black becomes a journey into the unknown. And the purpose is not to reach some fantasyland at the end of the road, but maybe to collect small treasures in my soul with every experience I make. So ultimately it depends on myself if things get better or blacker.” – FADERHEAD


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