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prophecy logoBalver Höhle (Cave Balve), Balve, Germany
29th to 30th July 2016
Prophecy Fest 2016 with Alcest, Secrets Of The Moon, Iron Mountain, Germ, Vemod, Les Discrets, Helrunar, Sol Invictus, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, Antimatter, Glerakur, Völur, Hekate, Wöljager and more special performances

Prophecy Fest takes place in a natural cave from Old Stone Age - Balver Höhle. According to Germanic Saga, the blacksmith Wieland had his workshop in the cave. Balve, Germany, is situated between Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hannover. The cave is Europe's biggest cultural cave.


Art director: Fursy Teyssier. Exhibition at festival site.
Alcest: Exclusive set performing “Écailles De Lune” in its entirety for the first time ever plus a “best of” set.
Secrets Of The Moon: World premiere - exclusive acoustic concert.
Iron Mountain: First concert in central Europe.
Germ: European premiere.
Vemod: Special set attuned to Balver Höhle.
Les Discrets: Exclusive festival show 2016 premiering the 3rd album.
Helrunar: Exclusive concert for 2016.
Sol Invictus: Onetime line-up feat. Don Anderson (Agalloch), Matt Howden and Jo Quail.
Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore
Antimatter: exclusive 2000-2007 special set
Glerakur: Continental European live premiere
Völur: First concert in Europe
Hekate: Unique ceremony "Die Sonne im Geiste"
Wöljager: music theater "Van´t Liäwen un Stiäwen"
Trollmusic concert evening: Alvenrad - world premiere, The Good Hand / Mirna's Fling - special mix set

Running order

The running order will be published as soon as it is finished. Unlike other festivals, Prophecy Fest will not start with the most “unknown“ artist and end with the “headliners“. To the label, they are all headliners and were chosen because they expect an amazing performance from them. Therefore, all artists will have the playing time they need for their performance, and the running order will reflect what the label considers the optimum in terms of dramaturgy and suspension.

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Further Information

Ticket price is 86.90 € per ticket. Ticket includes a hardcover program book with festival sampler CD. Tickets are limited.

Handicapped people
There is a special platform for handicapped people. The festival’s helping hands will assist you.

Helping Hands
An event such as Prophecy Fest entails a lot of work, so in order to make it all perfect, the promoters offer you to participate in the organization. This means help in different sectors, i.e. light security, backstage help, ticket hosting, support around the stage, etc.
Be aware of the following before you apply:
- You have to be of mature age (18 years).
- You will get a free festival ticket and you can use the camping area for free.
- You will get a free “Helfende Hände” (helping hands) crew shirt, a hardcover program book including CD, the Prophecy club membership 2017 and backstage access.
- You can have drinks and food from the backstage buffet.
- You are taking responsibilities and are not supposed to "hang around".
- This also means that you might not be able to see the performances of your favorite artists.
To apply, please write an email to epost ((@)) prophecy (dot) de

Camping site Balver Höhle: There is a camping area directly at Balver Höhle. This area is very basic with little infrastructure (only toilets + water). Price is 15 € per tent.
Guest houses/ small hotels in and near Balve: Hoennetal
Vacation park Sorpesee: Sorpesee (8 km from Balve) is a vacation park with many accommodation facilities such as a camping site, wood houses, troll hotels, etc. – Sorpesee

How to get to Balve
The city of Balve is situated in the Sauerland, 50km southeast of the Ruhr district. Address is: Balver Höhle, Helle 2, 58802 Balve, Germany
The closest airports are Dortmund, Köln/Bonn, Münster/Osnabrück, Frankfurt/Main, Frankfurt/Hahn, Paderborn/Lippstadt, Düsseldorf, Weeze/Niederrhein, Kassel. From there, you can travel by rental car or by train. Train connections go directly to Balve. Check Deutsche Bahn for travel possibilities.

There is a parking site near Balver Höhle (and near the camping site). Parking fee is 3 € per car. Click here for ticket reservation.


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