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paparoach hollywoodundead germany2023PAPA ROACH confirm another co-headlining tour with HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - Two indoor shows in June 2023 in Bremen and Freiburg announced - Tickets go on sale March 30th at 11am.

After the cancellation of their most successful German tour to date in March 2020 due to the pandemic, PAPA ROACH are finally coming back to Germany: The Californian Rock band will play in Bremen (Pier2) on June 19, 2023 and in Freiburg (SICK-ARENA) on June 20, 2023. PAPA ROACH will also perform at Rock am Ring, Rock im Park and Vainstream, and act as headliners at Full Force. As in March 2020, Rock Rap Metal heads HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD will be co-headlining.

“The ‘Who Do You Trust European Tour’ was our most ambitious yet and it seemed our fans were really enjoying the first tour together with our friends HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD and ICE NINE KILLS,” the band recalls. Despite these adversities, the fans haven’t forgotten their favourites either. The last PAPA ROACH album ‘Ego Trip’ entered the charts in 2022 at number 14. As you can see, the Californian quartet can still rely on their loyal followers after more than two decades in the business: PAPA ROACH made their platinum breakthrough in 2000 with their major label debut ‘Infest’, songs like ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Broken Home’ became classics and the soundtrack of an era. Since then, PAPA ROACH have never stood still stylistically: Their current and meanwhile eleventh work ‘Ego Trip’ shows the group around singer Jacoby Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton from their multifaceted side, whether hard rocking, outrageously catchy, experimentally daring or even electronic.

PAPA ROACH are among the busiest Rock’n’Roll travellers on the planet, often with well over a hundred shows in just one year. In the meantime, their reputation as a grandiose, thrilling live band precedes them. PAPA ROACH particularly like to travel to Germany, as Shaddix reveals: “Sure, that’s why we keep coming back! We love Germany, we love the fans and we love the energy. And the cities are great, that’s really fun. We have been coming to you for many years now, and each time I discover something new. I like to bring my bike and explore the cities instead of just driving there, playing a show and going to the after show party. Touring means a lot more to me than that.”

And PAPA ROACH can ignite the fire of a gripping live show again and again. That’s what they’re known for, they’ve been traveling the planet with it for two decades. Along the way, they’ve sold 20 million albums, racked up over two billion streams, and delivered six US number one singles, as well as being nominated for two Grammys. Shaddix, Horton, bassist Tobin Esperance and drummer Tony Palermo bring all the energy and authority of veterans to the stage. Whether you like early classics (‘Between Angels & Insects’), middle-aged hits (‘Getting Away With Murder’) or new sweethearts (‘Elevate’) - PAPA ROACH never gets boring.

Shaddix and his colleagues will once again be joined by HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD in June 2023. Formed in 2005, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD have moved largely under the radar towards mainstream breakthrough - with unprecedented success for a modern band. Ever since it was founded, the band has been ahead of the current trend towards cross-genre sounds with their style that pushes boundaries. The exciting mix of Rap, Rock and Electronic that HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD transported on their ground-breaking debut album ‘Swan Song’ from 2008 was immediately rewarded with a platinum award. The 2011 follow-up, ‘American Tragedy’, went gold and debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200. 2013s ‘Notes From The Underground’ charted at #2; With the albums ‘Day Of The Dead’ (2015) and ‘Five’ (2017) the band broke the 1 billion total streams mark for the first time. Eventually, ‘New Empire, Vol. 1’ doubled the total streaming count on Spotify and YouTube to over 2 billion. Meanwhile, the band has been on sold-out tours across four continents and garnered media acclaim from magazines like Rolling Stone, Billboard, Consequence Of Sound, Alternative Press, Revolver and more. To this day, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD draws on the bond of five individuals who transform their personal, at times harsh, experiences into anthems that so many people can relate to.

Now the platinum-winning quintet - Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Funny Man, Charlie Scene and Danny - tells their very own story on their eighth album ‘Hotel Kalifornia’ more impressively than ever before. With him, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD return to their old form and present the essence of what the band has become known for with a total of 14 tracks. The ‘Hotel Kalifornia’ era has been well received so far, earning the band top rankings in various genre playlists such as Spotify’s Rock Hard, Hard Rock & Rock Rotation and Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock & New in Rock, as well as Top 40 rankings US Rock & Active Rock Radio on. “‘Hotel Kalifornia’ takes me back to a time when music was all that mattered,” explains J-Dog. “The only thing that really interested me at the time was going to concerts. That’s all.” “Hopefully when you listen to ‘Hotel Kalifornia’ you get a sense of how far we’ve come,” reveals Johnny 3 Tears. “J-Dog and Charlie Scene are obviously very different songwriters today than they were 15 years ago. I’m really impressed by everyone in the band. The only thing we care about is the audience and trying to get better with each record.” “People out there really can’t believe that we’re still best friends after all these years,” adds J-Dog. “Despite all the shit we’ve been through, we’ve stayed so close. Usually bands and friendships fall apart, but we’re still best friends - and always will be.”

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