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kiljin masterofillusion
Artist: Kiljin
Title: Master of Illusion
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 16th July 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

Most of the times it’s a bad idea to work with your family, KILJIN sound awesome at least while doing so. Let’s check the bands press text quick and see if things sound right: “KILJIN is a 4-piece Metal band out of Michigan. We are 4 family members who love to perform and have a great time. With our former bands, KNOWN FELONS and KISSTER (KISS Tribute Band), we toured the state of Michigan for 20 years performing at venues all across the great lakes state. We have opened up for such artists as CANDLEBOX, RATT, Brett Michaels, QUIET RIOT, MOTLEY CRÜE and more. We decided to start KILJIN because we love old school metal and love playing it. We thought the world was ready for Metal and Rock and Roll to take over once again. Our music speaks for itself.”

Most press texts blow things out of proportion with the intent to sell the stuff, these guys do it because it’s their sense of humour (I really, really hope so). Sure they play solid as fuck US Metal and I am pretty sure they already have a loving audience or will earn them soon but they failed to turn my brain into mush (VAN HALEN’s ‘Eruption’ did that decades ago, sorry guys). Trevor Aumaugher on vocals is quite a character vocal-wise, he sounds a bit like ROSE TATTOO’s Angry Anderson and even reminds me a bit of Bon Scott in a Heavy Metal setting. Trevor and Scot (Spencer) on guitars provide lots of kick-ass riffs and old-school melodies that will satisfy the Metal masses while Tony Aumaugher (bass) and Bryant Aumaugher (drums) provide the rhythm and pacing.

Conclusion: Check out ‘Impaler’ or ‘Master of Illusion’ to know what these guys are about.

Rating: 8 / 10

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