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aprojection darwinseden
Artist: A Projection
Title: Darwin’s Eden
Genre: Darkwave
Release Date: 22nd January 2021
Label: Metropolis Records

Review Flash

Sweden’s A PROJECTION managed to triumph through their last album with just the right amount of song-writing inventiveness to make them stand out, the slightly luminous fish in a barrel full of grey ones. New single ‘Darwin’s Eden’ - nice title by the way - is a spirited continuation of that refusal to be lobbed into one genre and left there to languish. It’s fresh and fizzy despite bounding along on percussion nabbed straight from the eighties and given a polish and a pair of deely-boppers. Shoulder-padded youth duck and weave from side to side on a dancefloor packed with STEVE STRANGE lookalikes as the harmonies breeze in, and that ease with which the Swedes do icy synth-pop leaves the whole nostalgic rush like one big chorus. It shows up, shows-off and then heads to the bar for a snakebite and a bag of scampi-fries, all in under 4 minutes.

Conclusion: It couldn’t be more eighties if it came draped in a ‘Frankie Says’ t-shirt, but since surely by now everyone is too young to really remember that decade, so what? It’s fab.

Rating: 8 / 10

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