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dod intro D4S9800 kleinTäubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany
17th March 2023
Diary of Dreams - “Melancholin” Tour 2023 - Special Guest: Sea of Sin

We may dream again. Adrian Hates and his musical companions are finally back on the stages of Germany with a new chapter in the diary of dreams. After two years of pandemic and the destruction of Hates’ studio by the flood of 2021, fans had to wait a long time for the new album and an accompanying tour. On 10th March, DIARY OF DREAMS finally started their live tour with special guest SEA OF SIN in Wuppertal. I had the pleasure of joining them in Leipzig last Friday.

roseofsvalanche01The Parish, Huddersfield, UK
25th February 2023
Rose of Avalanche & special guests: Strange Cities and Kristeen Young

ROSE OF AVALANCHE haven’t had too far to travel this evening as are from just down the road in Leeds - the same cannot be said for their support acts: STRANGE CITIES and KRISTEEN YOUNG who have both hopped across the pond from the good old US of A. First though, a little about the venue.

FaunGruenspan, Hamburg, Germany
1st March 2023
Faun - “Pagan Tour” 2023 - Special Guests: Emian

FAUN comes from the Munich area and has been delighting audiences with their songs since 1999, ranging from melancholic ballads and historical titles to rhythmic dance songs. Sometimes they sing German, sometimes Middle High German, and sometimes Sephardic, Old Icelandic, or Latin. On the one hand, historical songs from various eras and regions are set to music and on the other hand, many of their own compositions are written. In any case, you need to experience the performance of the band yourself in order to feel this extraordinary medieval atmosphere. Therefore, the second part of FAUNs PAGAN-TOUR, which began right here in Hamburg at the legendary Gruenspan, was an excellent opportunity to make it happen.

RöyksoppSpektrum, Oslo, Norway
25th February 2023
Röyksopp - “True Electric” EU Tour

Living in Norway it’s hard not to know about RÖYKSOPP - their album ‘Melody AM’, released in 2001, made them famous both inside the country and internationally. In their music they mix different styles such as Electronica, House, R&B and Pop and despite that I usually visit only Metal shows, I was really excited to see this duo from Tromsø live in Oslo on the 25th of February - a sold-out show that was a part of RÖYKSOPP’s “True Electric” European tour.

KatatoniaRockefeller, Oslo, Norway
24th February 2023
Katatonia + Sólstafir - “Twilight Burials UK & Europe 2023” - Special Guests: SOM

When KATATONIA released the album ‘City Burials” back in 2020 they were planning a support tour for it. But then the pandemic hit and, as it did for many, ruined all the plans. The band continued making music in the studio and now finally returned to Oslo with a concert supporting their latest creation ‘Sky Void of Stars’. Together with SÓLSTAFIR and SOM they made it a great melancholic evening.

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