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neuroticfishSubkultur, Hanover, Germany
4th February 2023
Neuroticfish & Support: Neon Space Men

How did the “idiot with a box and a screwdriver” once strongly worded? “For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about.” I couldn’t say it any better, because this is exactly what it should be. And I’m happy, that I was able to attend such a small and very beautiful event last Saturday when NEUROTICFISCH did one of their rare live shows. But it wasn’t just one show. No, according to Sascha, the band was giving its Hanover debut tonight. And it was a debut show for their support NEON SPACE MEN too. The trio had their very first gig ever on this evening. All good things come in threes. So, this is my first visit at Subkultur Hanover as well. After all, I do put up the 350 kilometres ride to Lower Saxony’s capital not that often.

69eyes byMunichVampire P2980249Suisto-Klubi, Hämeenlinna, Finland
28th & 29th January 2023
The 69 Eyes - “Gotta Rock Spring Tour” 2023

THE 69 EYES started in 1989 as a Sleaze band in Helsinki and over the years developed their very own style the Goth’n’Roll. The band is also known as “The Helsinki Vampires” among their fans and came over to Germany for the first time in 1998. Things kicked off during the early 2000s when they went on tour with PARADISE LOST and won over more and more fans. THE 69 EYES constantly toured during all these years not only in Europe but also in Australia, Japan, Russia in the USA establishing a big and very dedicated Goth’n’Roll fanbase. In 2022 the band signed with ATOMIC FIRE RECORDS and released their EP ‘Drive’ and is currently working on a new album. /

apocalyptica Große Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany
28th January 2023
Apocalyptica & Epica - “The Epic Apocalypse Tour” 2023 - Support: Wheel

On the evening of January 28, a concert of two important European Symphonic Metal bands took place at the iconic Grosse Freiheit 36 in Hamburg - the Dutch band EPICA and the Finnish APOCALYPTICA. The Finnish Prog Metal band WHEEL was invited to the concert as a warm-up.

Karnivool Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
26th January 2023
Karnivool - “Regeneration Tour” 2023 - Support: The Ocean Collective

That evening, the Australian band KARNIVOOL performed at the Cologne Live Music Hall. Due to heavy traffic, I was late and unfortunately missed the opening band THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE. When I arrived at the location, the audience was taking a break and smoking a cigarette or having a drink.

alienare byAileenRitterl36Predigerkeller, Erfurt, Germany
21st January 2023
Alienare – “Emerald Tour” 2023 - Support: JanRevolution

ALIENARE just finished their tour with WELLE: ERDBALL and released their fourth album ‘Emerald’ on Friday. Now T.Green (Tim Schulschenk) and T.Imo (Timo Hanusch) dare to present the new work to the inclined audience on their first headliner tour. The North German Synth Poppers start with a release concert in Erfurt, to which they have invited JANREVOLUTION for support. From 11th February, the tour will bring them to Munich, Eisenhüttenstadt, Hanover and Wuppertal. They will be supported by SCHEUBER amongst others, for JANREVOLUTION will be on the road from 27th January with SHE HATES EMOTIONS.

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