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Clan of XymoxCircus Probst at Revierpark Nienhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
23rd October 2020
Clan Of Xymox - “Konzertsommer im Revier” - Special guests: The Foreign Resort

Here we are now, so very close to the second kind-of-lockdown and for the second time this year I am writing about my last concert for probably another longer while again. But before getting all depressed, I want you once more to go back to this dark, but magical evening at Circus Probst on 23rd of October with two amazing bands giving two shows and everything possible to enjoy the last two shows for - as they said themselves already - probably a while.

Bodom after MidnightTavastia, Helsinki, Finland
25th October 2020
Bodom After Midnight

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT was founded by CHILDREN OF BODOM ex-members Alexi Laiho and Daniel Freyberg after CHILDREN OF BODOM went on hiatus in December 2019. On March 16th they released a clip on the internet showing Alexi driving a car and picking up the members of his new project BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT. The guys joining were Daniel Freyberg (guitar), drummer Walterri Väyrynen (VALENFYRE, PARADISE LOST) and Mitja Toivonen (SANTA CRUZ) on bass.

Diary of DreamsCircus Probst at Revierpark Nienhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
17th October 2020
Diary Of Dreams

Just a little about 1.5 months after finally being able to attend live shows again after a really long break, the situation became more worrying again and the numbers of people infected by Covid-19 started rising after a phase that felt almost “okay” and we started to get used to the small steps back to the life we were used to while still following the rules and guidelines, of course. But due to the rising numbers and the fact that Gelsenkirchen just recently became a risk area, also the rules for events were changed - only 250 people at maximum were allowed to attend the shows in the tent of Circus Probst while previously there were up to 350 tickets available.

69eyes introTavastia, Helsinki, Finland
17h October 2020
The 69 Eyes – West End Tour 2020

“Hell Yeah!”, that’s what I thought when I left Tavastia on Saturday night after the show. A feeling that I had been missing for quite a long time, since January 24th, to be precise. That night I left Knitting Factory Brooklyn, after the HELSINKI VAMPIRES sold-out show in New York…

AmorphisTavastia, Helsinki, Finland
16th October 2020
Amorphis - 30th Anniversary Show

AMOPRHIS is a Melancholic, Dark Rock / Dark Metal band from Finland, who often merge Rock / Metal elements with some folkloristic elements and often their lyric refer to Kalevala or other classics from Finland. The band is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

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