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HowardJones Cologne 2022 18 von 20Die Kantine, Cologne, Germany
15th November 2022
Howard Jones - “Dialogue & Transform Tour” 2022 - Special Guest: Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream)

When talking about the music scene of the 80s, the name HOWARD JONES definitely belongs to it. His number one hits were played on all the music stations, but also at festivals like the famous Live Aid in 1985; the singer showed that he was not a one-hit wonder. The trained pianist recognised the future of electric synthesizers early on and composed his own music.

solitaryexperiments by aileenritter33Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany
18th November 2022
Solitary Experiments - “Transcendent” Tour 2022 - Support: Vanguard & Mental Exile

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS are well-known in the Electro / Gothic scene and look back to an almost 30-years career. They released their new album ‘Transcendent’ three weeks ago and started their tour last Friday in Potsdam. On this tour, they are accompanied by MENTAL EXILE and VANGUARD. Both special guests have their fingers in the game at ‘Transcendent’. MENTAL EXILE contributed a remix to the pre-single ‘Every Now And Then’ and VANGUARD’s Patrik Hansson can be heard as a guest singer on the album-track ‘Sea Of Love’. That gives me hope for one or another guest appearance. But more on that later.

CR626479Carlswerk Victoria, Cologne, Germany
17th November 2022
The Pretty Reckless - “Death By Rock And Roll” Tour 2022 - Support: The Cruel Knives

As a fan of THE PRETTY RECKLESS you need patience above all. The last time front woman Taylor Momsen and her musicians graced the German audience was five years ago. And now that the band finally made it back to Germany for two concerts, at least at the sold-out gig in Cologne the queue in front of the Carlswerk Victoria was so long that you can safely assume that the fans who lined up at the end of the queue at 7p.m. would not be in the hall when the support band would start their gig on time at 8 p.m.

skidrow by munichvampire26Backstage, Munich , Germany
14th November 2022
Skid Row - “The Gang’s All Here” Tour 2022 - Support: Raygun Rebels

There was a long que at Backstage’s Werk door when I arrived well before show time. The audience was a good mix of Rockers with long grey manes, Backstage regulars and kids that were not even born when SKID ROW conquered the world. I went straight to the merch to get a tour shirt and was quite shocked when I saw, that most of the merch I had seen on pictures form other shows was already sold out. Good for the band, bad for the photographer, who got the desired tour shirt but no beanie and no signed record.

Phillip BoaLive Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
12th November 2022
Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub - “Exclusive Best Of Shows” 2022 - Support: Vanessa Anne Redd

The Live Music Hall lies in the middle of Cologne. It is a friendly club where many well-known bands have played in the past. On this evening, PHILLIP BOA from Dortmund/Germany played here with his VOODOOCLUB.

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