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Nightwish Düsseldorf 2022 36 von 37PSD Bank Dome, Düsseldorf, Germany
1st December 2022
Nightwish - “HUMAN.:||:NATURE European Tour” 2022 - Support: Beast In Black & Turmion Kätilöt

Nobody knew in the last few weeks whether NIGHTWISH would play the current concerts at all. Singer Floor Jansen was recovering from cancer for some time, but fortunately the news came that she was cancer-free and so the band and the audience could look forward to a nice evening. The opening act was the Finnish bands BEAST IN BLACK and TURMION KÄTILÖT.

evanescence by irynakalenska13Barclays Arena, Hamburg, Germany
7th December 2022
Evanescence & Within Temptation - “Worlds Collide” Tour 2022 - Special Guests: Smash Into Pieces

The tour - which promised to be the biggest event on the Symphonic Metal scene - was postponed four times. Now after the longest wait, the clash of worlds has happened, bringing EVANESCENCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION together on stage. The two grandiose bands did not just play their sets after each other, but actually played a joint fusion. When Metal bands are fused, they usually get new material with combined properties. And of course, WITHIN TEMPTATION and EVANESCENCE paired together is an incredibly explosive, energetic combination that is hard to describe in one term. This show definitely needs to be seen live to feel the power of the sound and the magic of the visuals.

TheHu Cologne 2022 10 von 37Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
3rd November 2022
The Hu - “Once in a lifetime - Black Thunder Tour” 2022 - Support: King Nun

The Mongolia, a country between Russia and China... It is associated with vast steppes and Mongolians living in tents. THE HU combines the traditional music of these people with modern Rock music. In the supporting program the band KING NUN from London rocked the stage of the Cologne Live Music Hall. That evening, the Live Music Hall was more than well filled. The visitors stood close to each other and it was very difficult to get from one’s place to the bar and back. 

RomeQuasimodo, Berlin, Germany
29th November 2022
Rome - “The Lone Furrow” Tour 2022

ROME was founded in 2005, by Jérôme Reuter, a singer and songwriter from Luxemburg. On stage, Jérôme performs sometimes alone and sometimes joined by other musicians. ROME’s music is often described as Neofolk and mixes several influences, I have heard that ROME themselves define as “Chanson Noir”.

pitchfork by aileenritter05Stadthalle, Gotha, Germany
26th November 2022
Project Pitchfork & Support: Chemical Sweet Kid

PROJECT PITCHFORK and their music have been with me for many years and helped me through some of the darkest hours of my teenage years. But the band also gave me some of the happiest memories and most wonderful moments of my life. Writing about them, therefore is not only a special honour for me, but always something very personal.

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