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waitingforwords havewelostitall
Artist: Waiting For Words
Title: (Have We) Lost It All
Genre: New Wave / Synth Pop
Release Date: 15th January 2018
Label: Foundry Records

Review Flash

After the release of the re-recorded version of their cult anthem ‘Cause I Do Believe’, announcing the new album (‘Egocracy’, postponed to September 25th), it’s time for the real thing with a brand new composition: ‘(Have We) Lost It All’, available in a 4-track EP and coming along with a brand new video released by their long-time collaborator, Raphael Duvernay. Once again, WAITING FOR WORDS creates some interesting mix of influences without losing its identity. ‘(Have We) Lost It All’ could be described as HUMAN LEAGUE vs NEW ORDER on top of an almost funky groove. Perfect vocals, some nice percussions and orchestral breaks, an epic bass guitar solo, a catchy synth gimmick… All the ingredients of the perfect pop hit are gathered here. The ironic video clearly illustrates the theme of the album (the reign of the ego in our modern word) and sees ZeN in a very surprising role: The EP also features two covers (the single version of THE CURE’s cover of ‘Lovesong’ and a very delicate live acoustic cover of GEORGE MICHAEL’s ‘Father Figure’) and a remix of ‘(Have We) Lost It All’ by their Foundry Records’ mates of SHINY DARKNESS.

Conclusion: ‘(Have We) Lost It All’ proves, if necessary, that WAITING FOR WORDS still got it to compose brilliant pop songs.

Rating: 10 / 10

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