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Alcest 17Capitol, Hanover, Germany
14th February 2020
Alcest - “Spiritual Instinct” European Tour 2020 - Support: Birds in Row, Kaelan Mikla

What else can be better after a week of hard work than going to gig on a Friday evening to clear your mind? The event at Hanover’s Capitol was my light house for the whole week and I was pleased to arrive just in time to see the opener of the evening, KAELAN MIKLA.

Kaelan Mikla

The Post Punk / Dark / Synth / Wave trio played a beautiful set consisting of tracks of their album, ‘Nótt eftir nótt’, plus some older material like the brilliant, gloomy ‘Kalt’ from their debut album, ‘Kælan Mikla’, which is the Icelandic name for “The Lady of the Cold” by the way. The set was amazing but with only 30 minutes way too short. Let’s hope the band will release a new album soon, followed up by a proper club tour.

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Birds in Row

Second on the bill were BIRDS IN ROW and the contrast with the first band of the evening could not have been stronger. On the one hand the emotive Cold Wave, on the other hand the curatorial Hardcore Punk / Metal trio from France. Ear plugs were highly recommended. The three obviously have a great sense for rage and if you look at the world around who wouldn’t understand their anger. So let it out loud! /

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Headliner of the evening were ALCEST who are difficult to categorise, which is a compliment for their creativity. Take some Metal riffs, Shoegaze, Goth Rock and lots of psychedelic tunes. One of my highlights was their current single, the melodic ‘Saphirre’. If you don’t know the band this is a good starting point. However, the sound in the venue could have been better and the audience could have shown a bit more enthusiasm. Welcome to Northern Germany. If you have missed the first leg of the tour: the above line up is still on the road and will play one more set in German - on March 2nd in Stuttgart. /

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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